He’s BACK — David Michael Green…,

and not much could make me happier. I have written about and linked to at least five pieces by DMG between 2010 and 2012 here at The Agonist. My intro to the last piece posted here on 6/17/12 follows:

[If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention] That’s the tag line of David Michael Green at his blog, The Regressive Antidote. I’ve been reading his stuff for a while now and have posted links to several of his writings at The Agonist…, here and here and here and here…, and on my blog. If I have to read political commentary, I don’t just want to be informed…, I want to be entertained as well. I have read most everything written by Hunter S. Thompson. He was the only political writer that could hold my attention with his acerbic and sometimes bombastic wit. There was quite a dry spell until I found Joe Bageant and his tell it like it is, no holds barred assessment of what was wrong with the political process in America. Sadly…, Joe is gone now too. But David Michael Green combines a style and vision that echos both HST and Joe B.

In his latest piece, Broken Shards of the Heart he examines the recent failure of the recall election of Scott Walker in Wisconsin. He provides us with a bit of perspective on how we got to that point over the last 30 years with lines such as…

DMG wrote just one more piece after that in July of 2012…, then disappeared. I kept checking his website…, but finally it went away too. A couple days ago I Googled his name…, and found three new articles published over at Common Dreams site. The latest one tails quite nicely with the Numerian piece that I posted last week. Here are some snips:

You Break It, You Own It (Or, What The Hell Did You Think Would Happen?)

Doesn’t your heart just break for the grandees of the Republican Party?

They’ve had the shit kicked out of them in presidential election after presidential election, and the forecast trends in national demographics suggest that, looking forward, these last decades will be seen as the GOP’s grand old days. So, knowing this, the big-wigs got together after the last debacle in 2012 and decided, “Hey, we’ve got to stop alienating the damn Mexicans. There’s too many of them!”

Any moron could have predicted what a fool’s errand that would be. Politicians – most especially the Republican kind – are nothing if not heat-seeking missiles when it comes to opportunistically pouncing on an issue they can ride to electoral victory. Particularly given the number of third and fourth-tier weenies vying for the Republican nomination this time around (George Pataki? Bobby Jindal? Ben Carson? Carly Fiorina? Seriously?), it didn’t exactly require quantum physics calculations to figure out that one or more of them would pounce on the party’s old tried-and-true racist, sexist, homophobic and/or xenophobic tropes in order to get a leg up.

The other problem the GOP has is its base of voters, who have become increasingly insane over the decades, to the point where Tea Partiers are now considered way too moderate. I don’t use the word ‘insane’ here lightly or colloquially. These folks are literally quite detached from reality, and nothing proves that more than their worship of that big lump of Trump currently in the headlines. If you think about, Trump is, on paper, almost the complete antithesis of what these supposedly conservative voters stand for. He’s from New York, he’s been married and divorced countless times, he’s the owner of a gambling empire, he’s not religious, he’s taken quite liberal positions on a number of issues over the years, including abortion, and so on.

If it doesn’t make sense, it is only because people are extending the assumption of rationality to these voters where little exists. Big mistake. Probably the most significant fact about American politics in our time – and here I mean really the last forty years or so – is the existence of this incoherent rage on the part of a large cohort of disaffected Americans, which almost always manifests itself in stupid right-wing politics.

There is lots of good news here for those of us in this country who haven’t yet checked into the asylum. First, the Party of Evil is killing itself ever more every day, as loathsome candidate after despicable candidate tries to ape Trump and attract the anger vote. This is exactly why the GOP attempted to limit the number of debates this cycle, and tried to steer the party away from, especially, Hispanic-bashing. They wanted to avoid a repeat of 2012, when there were fifteen or twenty debates between the circus clowns then seeking the Republican nomination (many of whom are back again), each spectacle more comical and scary than the last. The whole country was watching. And they are now, as well, as the party repeats the process, only this time on steroids.

Which means, second, they are also dramatically diminishing their chances of winning the White House in 2016, and with it the important power to save the Supreme Court’s regressive majority from timing out. Somebody recently commented that history may judge retrospectively that this was the month in which the election was decided, despite the fact that it is well more than a year away, and not a single vote has been case, and we’re not even remotely close to having selected nominees yet. I think there’s some real wisdom in that analysis. How many non-insane voters are watching the GOP Show and thinking “Christ, I could never vote for that crap”? It will only get worse from here.

Finally, I trust the reader will pardon my vindictiveness here, but I am frankly unapologetic about it. I absolutely despise the thugs of the Republican Party who have exchanged, for their personal gain, the misery of those millions of weaker individuals they constantly exploit. So I confess that the idea that some of these bastards – and there’s a whole lot of them, but I’m taking to you, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, Jeb Bush and more – could wind up exiled to political oblivion by the likes of Donald Trump gives me the greatest joy.

May they all rot in Hell, and count themselves lucky that they got off so easy for their crimes.

I say again…, he’s BACK…, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

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