Harry “the rat” Reid Torpedoes the Hagel Nomination

Michael Collins

reidHagel’s confirmation has become a memorable battle, in part because many of his opponents are strongly pro-war while always having avoided themselves the kind of sacrifice Hagel exhibited.  Andrew Kreig, Justice Integrity Project

Senate Democratic Majority Harry Reid is a rat of epic proportions.  He was the only member of the Democratic majority who voted against cloture on the filibuster now in place by Senate Republicans.  Reid earned his latest rat tail for two acts against the citizens of this country.  First, of course, is the vote against cloture, thus allowing the Republicans to block the Hagel nomination.  Reid was forced into this vote by parliamentary rules which Reid himself created.  Before that, Reid assured the survival of the filibuster by refusing to curtail the odious process when he wrote the rules for this session of the Senate.

As the consummate insider, there is little doubt that Reid knew about the likely Hagel choice for Defense before he made his decision on the filibuster rules.  Crafty, isn’t he. (Image: DonkeyHotey)

What’s with this guy?  The opposition to Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense comes from the warmonger supporters of the national security state.  On this nomination, they got their marching orders from the pro-Israel at any cost fanatics who worship at the shrine of endless war.  Absent Hagel’s even handed view of U.S. Middle East policies and interests, his nomination would have been approved about the same time as that of new Secretary of State John Kerry. 

The war mongers are naked before the public.  Andrew Kreig, head of the Justice Integrity Project noted:

“Hagel’s confirmation has become a memorable battle, in part because many of his opponents are strongly pro-war while always having avoided themselves the kind of sacrifice Hagel exhibited. Hagel, from modest means in Nebraska, was seriously wounded two times in Vietnam after enlisting with his brother, Thomas. They were not only a rare combination of siblings in the same combat unit, but they also saved each others’ lives.” Andrew Kreig, February, 14

Chuck Hagel offers a unique perspective on defense.  He’s not an armchair warrior.  He enlisted and served in Vietnam with distinction.  He learned the deadly serious nature of war, a lesson not forgotten.  Hagel started his own business and, unlike the plutocrats who run the country, he is a self-made success.  His financial inheritance was limited but clearly, he acquired a strong work ethic. Hagel served in the Senate and openly questioned the greatest foreign policy disaster in U.S. history, the illegal invasion of Iraq.  In addition, unlike the warmonger right wing Republicans, Hagel has a history of strong support for our soldiers both by opposing the reckless use of the military which leads to deaths and injuries and by supporting the care for injured soldiers once they return home from foreign adventures.

Harry Reid, on the other hand, is the epitome of just about everything that’s wrong with our political process.  The senator from Nevada led the Democrats from one failure to another as both majority and minority leader.  He showed his true hostility toward the people by supporting the 2005 bankruptcy reform bill that stacked the deck against tens of millions who have been victimized by Wall Street and the big banks.  Reid was happy to support the evisceration of the Constitution whenever he had the chance.   His string of losses to the forces of privilege and greed would put the old Washington Generals to shame.

Elitists who mock the wisdom of the people fail to note that the vast majority of citizens see our current political situation with clear vision and unassailable judgment.  Only 14% approve of Congress with an overwhelming 77% stating their disapproval.  If you own or work for a business of any size and 77% of the public disapproves of your products and services, you know that your headed out of business very soon  It makes sense.  People won’t do business with you.  However, due to the rigged game of U.S. politics, we are stuck with the biggest collection of incompetents imaginable, people we’ve identified as losers again and again over the past years; but, people we’re stuck with, nonetheless.

The sad lesson is this.  Members of Congress don’t care.  They don’t have to.  It’s all a rigged game.  Those with the deepest pockets offer legal bribes in all forms to members of Congress and those members vote the party line, that would be The Money Party line — that all inclusive party with its Democratic and Republican wings that exists solely to serve the interests of the super wealthy and powerful, at the expense of the people.


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  • So much for the great experiment in democracy. Dysfunctional, broken; theater of the absurd at its worst.
    It would be easy to blame the republicans (and they’d deserve it), but the dems have both hands in the dysfunction as well. The only solution I’ve seen proposed is one of numbers; but that’s a fail as well; glorified bullying at bottom and nobodies happy.
    My feeling is that we have the least educated people in the history of government combined with a lack of intelligence; a deadly combo if ever there was one.
    I see no ready solution…

    • I agree, there is no solution. The mendacity is so pervasive that you can’t even talk to these people. Harry Reid has this Eeyore act he does whenever he screws up. I have to give it to him, it’s superb but it’s also tired after years of pathetic excuses.

      I’d wondered if there was a connection between Reid and Shelden Adelson. I found none. That’s the “feel good” part of the post;)

  • Reid’s “no” vote was procedural. If he votes no, he can bring the question to a vote again. He knew he didn’t have 60 votes when he voted.

    • That’s why I wrote this: “Reid was forced into this vote by parliamentary rules which Reid himself created.” The key part here is, this is what Reid did when he created the rules for this session of the United States Senate. He doesn’t get an out by saying, ‘Sorry it’s the rule’ when he created the rule. Everyone and their brother/sister begged the Democrats to put a leash on the filibuster. But Harry wouldn’t hear of it, part of some grand Senate tradition, we were told. Well, the tradition he is talking about is that of blocking civil rights legislation since time eternal. He gets o excuses. He’s a big part of the problem, a clever operative working to maintain the status quo. He’s in that position because the other Democrats in the Senate want him there. It’s a pretty hopeless situation.

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