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  • Cute. But I’m asking Steeleweed to start passing out front page posting rights to everyone he personally trusts, just for the fun of it. Let the inmates run the asylum until the “owners” figure out how to talk to us. The site is just sitting here in a limbo at the moment. Still a few interesting comments coming in. What the heck lets have some fun fun fun til the “daddy” comes and takes the T-Bird away.

    • I thought I put that idea to bed. The. Site. Does. Not. Belong. To. Me.

      Posting and/or commenting here does not give anyone ownership rights.

      In theory are least, the site has some monetary value and the owner has not given me authority to administer it on his behalf.

      If you want to have fun fun, start your own blog.

      • Well you know kids, never want to go to bed. This blog is more fun than my blogs anyway. Bigger engine.

        Hey relax, ownership is a privilege anyway, not a right. At least not a natural right. So on who’s behalf do you have authority to administer it?

        • Authority vs. power: A cop’s badge is his authority. His gun is his power.

          I have no authority, which could only be granted by the site owner.
          As as Admin, I have some power and I have been exercising that on behalf of you and all who post/comment/read.

          On the way out the door, Steve promoted Matt to Admin.
          On the way out the door, Matt promoted me to Admin.
          If you walk by a burning building and someone tosses a baby out the window, do you catch the baby or do you tell yourself, “nobody gave me authority to catch this baby”?

          It stops here.
          If the owner steps up and takes control, fine. If not, that’s okay too. Either way, I’m not planning on promoting anyone or changing anyone’s permissions.

          • Thanks for the further clarification. I’m not sure I follow your baby analogy but it doesn’t matter as I could construct my own that I would understand perfectly.

            So basically you are sitting there waiting to be contacted by the “owner”? Did Steve and/or Matt demote themselves on the way out or are there three admins potentially?

            No reason for you to have plans at this point. It’s totally appropriate for you to wait to see how things develop. I guess I am one of the things that could develop and while you seem happy to explain stuff to me, as a development in and of myself, me as a development seems insufficient for you to start any plans yet.

            Cool. Makes sense. Any idea how you might contact the owner should you desire or are you just waiting for them to appear? And if they do appear I assume that you have a way of recognizing their claim, of course? I mean I am not suggesting that you push things forward in that direction, like trying to contact them. I suppose it’s possible, though not likely, that they aren’t even aware that there is a powerful but unauthorized handle at the tiller.

            And any thoughts on how long you think you might have to wait?

    • Sorry, I don’t mean to bug you, but why do you think that it’s possible that nothing might transpire? And of course, if you are not at liberty to say, I understand.

      • Well, the lights are still on and I suppose it’s possible that the posting community is large enough that it can take on a life of its own. Without an EIC it won’t be focused and nobody will be growing its reach. It would become more like a forum than a communal blog. There’s nothing to stop the existing editors and authors from posting. I think ‘contributors’ can post but the posts need to be approved (some WP maven correct me if I’m wrong on that – the distinctions between editor/author/contributor are a little unclear to me).

      • The majority of the front page and newswire posts were by the editors and several of us are severely demotivated, so there will be fewer posts every day.
        But it ain’t over til the fat lady sings, eh?

  • Just like that. Oh well.

    I hadn’t gotten used to the new interface, but I still checked in more or less daily. I have counted on y’all to help sift out current affairs that matter.

    Some other time, I guess.

  • Guess I am stating the obvious, but since this is WordPress all the fine work done to get this theme up and running could be just ported to another WP site (obviously without the copyrighted content), but if some folks would like to keep this going as a community effort I don’t see what could stop it. Call it the agonista and change the antique dude to an antique gal (no offense meant to Socrates).

  • I’m not a WP maven and the only way I know to stop comments would be to change the permissions of a whole lot of folks and quite frankly, I have neither the time nor inclination to do any more work here. All it would do is leave all the comments ‘pending approval’.

    If – by some miracle – the site is rescued (rich uncle, where are you when we need you?) we wouldn’t want to have to start over from scratch.

    Some of us have privately discussed migrating our community. There are two downsides to this:
    1) The cost of hosting and paying a decent wage to an Editor In Chief.
    2) We would be starting at Square One vis-a-vis our reputation and visibility in the blogsphere.

    As I see it, the smartest thing the owners could do is sell the site.
    If it’s sold to someone willing to support it, great.
    I doubt if a small collection of us could afford it and keep pay the monthly upkeep.
    In any case, the fate of this site is out of our hands.

  • I have been around since 2003. The most exciting times were early on, in part because of the novelty of the concept and because at the time this site was not seen just as a “business” by the owner. It was not an unpredictable end, I think.

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