"GOP tactics are working brilliantly"

Looks like Ian was right way back in July 2009 when he wrote:

Republicans understand opposition politics: when you’re in the opposition, you don’t smile bipartisanly, you gnaw at the ankles of the ruling party. Nothing they do is right, everything they do is wrong. You talk about how their policies are going to fail, so that if they do, you are the opposition (Democrats did not understand this when in opposition).

As Greg Sargent notes today:

[P]eople have not connected GOP obstructionism with one of its most visible results: The prevention of the extended of unemployment benefits that a sizable majority says it wants.

Bottom line: The GOP tactics are working brilliantly in political terms. Dems are bearing the brunt of the blame for government dysfunction. I’m not sure it could be clearer than this.

Let that sink in for a moment: GOP offers nothing except obstruction and complaint that the Federal Government isn’t working. What remedy did Ian propose? Simple: make the Federal Government work for the people. Good policy outcomes equal good politics.

Instead the Democrats voted for a health care reform that won’t take effect until 2014. That’s weak beer and the Democrats will pay.

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  • Bad politics. Bad optics. Bad policy. Corrupt. Unfocused. Out of touch. Incapable of governing. Incapable of being the loyal opposition. Incapable of defining what’s right, incapable of defending it, incapable of bringing the fight to the GOP.

    Halting half-measures. Empty rhetoric followed by inaction, nonspecific pabulum, and eventual retreat and rationalization.

    The nation didn’t vote for Nixon-style progressivist Republican rule, but they’re not even getting that. The nation didn’t vote for Ronald Reagan’s third term. But they’re not even getting that. We’re getting George W. Bush’s third term, lite.

    Who is the head of the party? Who is responsible for coordinating the public image of the party? Of its platform, of its agenda? Who is in charge of doling out retribution to congressional backsliders and turncoats? Who is taking responsibility for labor relations? Who is responsible for ensuring electoral success in the upcoming midterms? Who would that be . . . . ?

  • Why didn’t we learn this lesson during the persecution of Bill Clinton? Because too many Democrats blamed Bill himself for the dirt dredged up by right-wing rich people spending millions of dollars spent among the pond scum of Arkansas.

    I tried to bring this up during the 2008 primary, but I was shunned, if not derided. All the Serious Bloggers insisted that the right COULDN’T attack Obama.

    Carolyn Kay

  • SPK, like myself, was initially for Edwards, not that it puts a shine to the shoes any. The whole Obama is “Teh One” meme was a rightwing narrative once it became the least bit apparent he was actually, yano, the one.

    Now, I’m not saying Obama didn’t have his defenders and cheerleaders. but there’s actually nothing wrong with that. Kind of democracy-like if you ax me.

  • Whaddya expect? Lockstep precision?

    Its all you say. They’re boxed in by successful narrative control on the Right. Been that way for years and years. It takes sustained clarity and guts to cut through the crap. The occasional Grayson or Weiner B roll won’t do it. Too much effort and exposure for most. The mighty Wurlitzer blows very loud. Better for them to play the insider game and not be the next dirge of the month.

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