Goodnight and Good Luck.

Been a blast serving as editor over the past 9 months, kids, but I think it’s time for me to move on. Getting a serious last days of disco vibe from this here go-go bar. Anyway, don’t be strangers.

RIP The Agonist 2002-2013.

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  • Fare thee well, wherever you fare. It’s been a nice ride. Good luck, Matt

  • Skriz

    What’s going on here? First Steve departs, then Matt and I see steeleweed just bid the crowd adieu! WTF?

    I am a relative newbie here, but I enjoy the plethora of interesting links, good music videos and snarky comments. Is there something on going on behind the scenes that the average reader is not aware of?

    • Steve Hynd

      Nothing behind the scenes, Skriz. I was given what I perceived as an insulting offer to continue as EiC, involving only a third of the ridiculously low monthly pittance I’d been receiving – so I quit. Matt might have taken on the job of EiC but the site owners didn’t contact him, so he quit. No-one else wants to take on a site that the owner has obviously decided he doesn’t want to support any longer. It’s that simple.

    • matttbastard

      Don’t be a stranger either, Skriz — you’re always welcome at bastard.logic.

  • JustPlainDave

    Oi, you. You were only here for the last little bit, but you’d have been a great member right from the beginning. Thanks for all the thought provoking links and many contributions. I seem to recall you’re in the activist space – if you find you would benefit of advice or insight on the workings, players, etc. of the nonprofit/charitable sector in our happy little Dominion, you know where to drop me a line [the e-mail stored in the system is a semi-dead drop that I don’t check often, so it might take a while for a response].

  • Doug Richardson

    Sorry to see you go. Loved your stuff. Vaya con dios

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