Glenn Greenwald: A Tragic Legacy

Buy this book!

The best reason to buy this book is because it is a good book.

There are other reasons to buy this book as well, one of which is that currently it is ranked #156 on Amazon. That is quite simply not good enough.

Another good reason to buy this book is to make it a New York Times bestseller.

This is always good because having more progressives with bestselling books means more progressives talking about their books on TV, which means more people hear and learn about how great the progressive message is and how lousy the Republicans are.

Also, if you buy this book The Agonist will get a very small cut, which helps to pay our bills and is thus good too.

All good reasons, but the best reason of all is that Glenn’s a great writer and thinking and the book is tackling hard issues that the mainstream media won’t. So, buy this book.

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