Fox’s Ailes tried to buy Petraeus for presidential run

Bob Woodward has a tape of a Fox intermediary telling General David Petraeus that he should refuse Obama’s nomination as CIA head and instead run for president on the GOP ticket. The go-between told Petraeus that Ailes would be his effective campaign manager with the full weight of Fox News behind him, and that the “big boss” Rupert Murdoch would bankroll the bid. Petraeus turned down the offer.

Ailes is trying to pass it all off as a joke he was making. No-one believes him. As Steve M points out, “Fox runs the GOP as much as anyone does. Every candidate this year except Huntsman and Paul set out to run a Fox campaign (and you see the result). This will be true for the foreseeable future.”

Juan Cole adds: “the Petraeus tape demonstrates that politics in the United States is now done in ways not much different from Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy.  I.e. it is a playground for corrupt billionaires.”

Bunga, bunga!

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