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Sabbath morn.

Your government lies to you and mainstream media serves as a willing outlet to spread those lies.

It’s for that reason I first visited the Agonist and other alternative media sites during the buildup to Iraq 2. I knew the stories we were being fed were bull shit. That’s not to say everything I find is true; in fact I often have to wade through considerable crap in my search, but the truth is to be found with a bit of investigative work and common sense.

I found another source of truth mired amongst Russian propaganda on the RT network.

You should not surprised to learn from Abby Martin’s Breaking the Set that cops intentionally set ablaze the cabin where cop-killer Christopher Dorner took refuge, nor that mainstream media first ignored this unsavory detail and then later lied about it to protect the police force.

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Don Henry Ford Jr.

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  • Well Don; I haven’t “believed” much of anything from the MSM for over 20 years now.
    The deception and duplicity in Iraq 1 was bad enough, but Bush invading in 2003 was the last straw for me and I left 6 weeks later.
    Gone 10 years now and just use MSM for entertainment; I mean news? Reporting? Puleese…
    You want real news? Amy Goodman is as good as it gets along with Juan Gonzales her partner in news (an award winning journalist in his own right). Amy has earned her chops in reporting Indonesia during Suharto (nearly was killed by U.S. supported troops there).
    Bottom line; you are absolutely correct. Welcome to the real world…

  • The L A Police and Los Angeles Sheriffs department have always used hot burner Tear Gas canasters on baracaded people they want to either burnout or let them die in the fire. This has always been the technique used. It’s the law of the Jungle in L A County and City. Kill one of us and we will kill you.

  • I’m not picking sides here just observing that LAPD had better learn to play a lot nicer, real quick because Dorner’s little “asymmetric warfare” excursion appears to have been a huge success.

    I would now guess that it would take fewer than 10 simultaneous Dorners to all but disable LAPD and its mutual aid compadres.

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