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Feedback to Schumer

The reason Sen. Schumer’s “50 Percent Solution” is posted here from is because I hope it does not reflect anything approaching the Democratic game plan for 2008.

It is an object lesson in what NOT to do:

1. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver, ie. 50 percent reduction in cancer deaths. Paging Sen. Dr. Bill Frist, M.D. ! Since when did Congress become Mass. General Hospital ?

2. Don’t promise things federal government has nothing to do with, ie. municipal property tax rates. (What ?)

3. Don’t promise things you can’t deliver, 50 percent reduction in child obesity. Why not just promise to reduce adult obesity by 50 percent. Does any human being think the U.S. Congress are the “go to guys” when it comes to losing weight? Look at them !!!

4. Don’t promise a precise numerical target for things that the Romans were fighting in 100 B.C. like …. tax evasion. (And the Romans had the death penalty for tax evaders. Still didn’t work. How about double death penalty ?).

5. Shut up about terrorism. It is a tactic, not a person. Terrorism has now become a de facto shield and excuse for every politician wishing to divert attention away from real things that need to be done but they, for whatever reason, will not pay attention to.

6. Never Stop Mentioning Global Warming. It is going to make meaningless or exponentially exacerbate every other issue on the table. If you don’t think so you are scientifically illiterate. is a great place to improve your literacy.

Anyways, Sen. Schumer’s recipe probably holds a lot more lessons in what not to do than I have been able to outline. Please add to them freely. Cheers.

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