Farewell, Agonistas

It’s with considerable sadness that I have to tell you, Agonistas, that my time here is up. I’d been told the owner was interested in extending my contract for another year, but when it came time for him to offer me terms today he offered me a third of the already small pittance I was receiving as Editor. ┬áThere’s no way I can accept what was offered.

And so, this is my last day as your Editor In Chief. It has been immense fun for the last year, and I’ll miss you all.

Thank you, for everything.

Warmest Regards, Steve

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  • Thanks for all your work and posts during your tenure, Steve. Although I have not contributed much due to work pressure, I have enjoyed the vibrant cut and thrust of the Agonist the past year. Fair faw…

  • It’s been good having you as El Jefe and appreciate all the work you did both as editor and organizing the move to WP.
    All the best in all your future endeavors. You know how to find us if you need us.

  • Thanks, guys. I wish we could have worked something out – I was really exicted at the thought of another year at The Agonist – but alas…

    I’ll be hanging around as a regular reader.

  • adrena

    It’s a very sad day.

    All the work you put into the successful transfer of the Agonist from Drupal to WP was extraordinary. Someone needs to get his ass kicked for the appalling lack of recognition you’ve received for that magnificent feat.

    Although I’m saddended by it, I understand and am supportive of your decision.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done.

  • Synoia

    Good luck. In your position I’d consider Scotland. The health care is much better than the US.

  • pihwht

    I shake my head and mutter “That is the pits.”

  • nihil obstet

    Thanks for your vision and all the work you put in for the Agonist. I hope you’ll continue to contribute as a reader/commenter.

  • Raja

    Yes, Steve, thank you and don’t be a stranger.

  • matttbastard

    So long, and thanks for all the fish, Chief.

  • Aguilar

    As I’ve said before, you’ve been a Godsend to this web site and maintained the same high standards in every way that Sean Paul set. I’m very sorry to hear about your departure as editor but still looking forward to reading your posts as a contributor.

  • Leaftree

    Thank you Steve.

  • John Zimmerman

    Thanks for all the efforts Steve and best of luck moving on.

  • Numerian

    Sorry to see you go, Steve. You did great work here, keeping the ship running smoothly through some difficult changes. I hope your new situation, whatever that me be, works out well for you.

  • Thank you, everyone. I’m going to take a break, take stock and see what happens.

    In the words of Bill and Ted, “Be excellent to each other.”

  • Good luck Steve. Enjoy the rest and come back writing.

  • Skriz

    Steve -hate to see you go. I have learned a lot from your posts. Blogging is a very thankless, but important, in my mind, job! Best wishes to you.

  • actor212

    Oh Steve, I’m so sad to read this. I enjoyed working with you and learning from you.

    Thank you for that and thank you for all the hard work you’ve done here. Please enjoy your next adventure, which I will follow with some interest.

  • jo6pac

    WOW, sad to see this. I hope the future is so bright you’ll need new sunglasses.

  • Jeff Wegerson

    Farewell. You accomplished much needed work and brought in fresh viewpoints. Good luck in your next endeavors.

  • ScentOfViolets

    Terribly sorry to hear this. I can only guess (and hope) that your editor didn’t offer you any more because he’s not making any more.

  • adrena

    Maybe the Agonist is in its death throes. We should all say farewell to each other.

    But the heart of progressive thought will continue to beat.
    Let our voices spread far and wide.
    A new name? A new identity?

    Thanks to the many very wise Agonistas for having enriched my life. You have taught me a lot. A big *hug* for all.


  • nymole

    Fare well, Steve

  • Doug Richardson

    Ya put yer back into it, Lad.


  • Kathy Kattenburg

    This sucks so badly. I’m with Adrena about the ass-kicking. I don’t know how someone does the kind of magnificent job that Steve has done here at The Agonist, pours so many hours and so much of his heart and soul and mind into improving it, and then gets an offer of a pay cut in return. I don’t know how that works.

  • JustPlainDave

    I’m with Kathy – this sucks. You worked hard and did well with the assets you had. Thanks for that and thanks for being consistently thought provoking. The specific parameters of how we disagree are consistently educational (just in case it isn’t clear, that’s a compliment and an expression of thanks – I always learn more and more quickly from folks I can disagree with; many aren’t thinking clearly or well enough to be worth the effort of exploring why we disagree, you do – that’s an achievement in this day and age).

    • adrena

      You will be missed, Dave. Good luck to you.

      I will also miss Numerian’s thought-provoking essays.

      I will miss Don’s truthful ruminations

      I will miss Michael’s investigative powers.

      I will miss Matt’s colorful language, his extensive knowledge of the music scene.

      I will miss Graham, the great voice from down under.

      I will miss too many to mention here.

      Now go out there and continue spreading your messages of truth and of hope for a better world.

      Bon Voyage!

      • JustPlainDave

        And get the **** to work. ;)

        (Couldn’t resist – still miss Jack.)

        [And for the record, my ardent feminist wife says we have the most equal relationship she knows of. Take it as some gentle advice on judging books and covers. All the best.]

    • Steve Hynd

      “You only get better by playing a smarter opponent”. Thanks for being exactly that, Dave.

  • ww

    … well, well … sad sorry shame … best to all …

  • Steve, I’ve just now seen this. I’m in shock. Like Kathy, I don’t understand how all you’ve done leads to a pay cut. I don’t get that at all. Your leaving is a loss for all of us. But I completely support your decision. Thanks for your support for all of us during your time here. I know you’ll do great work wherever you go, and I look forward to seeing it. Be well.

  • Nick

    Wow at lots of these threads.

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