Empowering People To Stop the Shooter

I’m thinking that the op-ed and editorial writers at the Wall Street Journal should take a look at this news article by Laura Meckler and Gary Fields on their reporting staff. Perhaps they are not aware of this alternative to arming teachers and guidance counselors, school nurses and psychologists, librarians and college professors, pastors and parishioners, ticket-takers and concession stand operators, and government employees with assault weapons and semiautomatic handguns. Just to make it. easier, I’ll emphasize the money line:

The White House is looking at various options, and the scope and details of the president’s approach aren’t clear. One possibility likely to be considered is a ban on high-capacity magazines, the devices attached to firearms that store large numbers of bullets and reload them rapidly.

A 1994 ban on assault weapons that expired in 2004 included a ban on ammunition magazines that held more than 10 rounds. Recent shootings, including the one Friday, have involved firearms with much more capacity, allowing a shooter to fire many more shots before having to reload, which could allow someone to intervene

I know from reading your opinion commentary following the mass murder in Newtown that that’s what you want — to make it easier for bystanders to intervene to stop the shooter — right?

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Kathy Kattenburg

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  • Kathy,

    “to make it easier for bystanders to intervene to stop the shooter — right?” I want more than that. Your suggestion may be politically possible and pass constitutional muster.

    I said this earlier and will add to it:

    No one needs any gun that can fire more than one bullet at a time. So, revolvers are OK, bolt action rifles are OK, single and double-barrel shotguns are OK. Guns used for hunting are OK. Semi-automatic, fully automatic, any guns on wheels are absolutely prohibited.

    Guns are necessary in our society because no wants to see a starving “Bambi” wandering down Main Street. And the deer population is growing in the mid-west and south.

    Hunting not only provides income to the individual states, it, also, keeps the deer, turkey and varmint population in check.

    Having said that, no sportsman or hunter goes hunting with a fully automatic assault rifle. A bolt action, 1898 Mauser, .30 – 06 would be my gun of choice if I was hunting in a state where rifles were allowed (Ohio only allows shotguns).

    Many hunters carry a side arm (pistol) in order to put a wounded animal out of its misery.

    Bottom line: the less bullets that can be fired before the shooter reloads, the more opportunity for someone to intervene.

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