Emanuel On Ciro Victory

Rahm Emanuel on Ciro’s victory:

”œVoters sent a message in November and they sent another one tonight, that change is coming to Washington. From every corner of the country and even this newly drawn district in Texas, American families made crystal clear that they trust Democrats to take our country in a new direction,” said Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. ”œCiro Rodriguez is committed to restoring common sense to our budget and dignity to the way we treat our veterans. His victory was a victory for Texas families whose values have been missing from Washington for far too long.”

Take that Tom DeLay! Folks, the DCCC did good work down here and deserve a big thanks!

Here’s my fav:

“Henry Bonilla staked his career on ruthless and unethical (watch the You Tube ad at link!) Tom DeLay politics rather than working to earn the trust of voters. As result, voters sent him to join DeLay in a shameful retirement.”

Although it must be noted that the Lone Star Project people are massive putzes (who write op-eds for Fox News telling everyone how great they are, no less) for even trying to take credit for this race. Credit goes to Ciro and the DCCC, the Texroots and the voters.

That 50 state strategy of Howard Dean’s really sucks, right?

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