Electoral College Change Opposed by Virginia Governor

Electoral College Bob McDonnell

NBC News:

“The governor does not support this legislation. He believes Virginia’s existing system works just fine as it is. He does not believe there is any need for a change,” said spokesman Tucker Martin.

This opposition by McDonnell essentially kills the chances that the Electoral College change would become law in the state.

A somewhat Pyrrhic outcome, with the RNC still going national with the putsch. Stay tuned.


Update: Apparently FL House Speaker Will Weatherford forgot to check his blast fax this AM:

“To me, [changing the Electoral College is] like saying in a football game, ‘We should have only three quarters, because we were winning after three quarters and the beat us in the fourth,” Weatherford, a Republican, told the Herald/Times. “I don’t think we need to change the rules of the game, I think we need to get better.”


Not only is Weatherford opposed to the idea, fellow Republican and Florida Senate President Don Gaetz is decidedly cool to it. When asked about changing the way Electoral College votes are apportioned, Gaetz thought the entire system should be scrapped.

 “I think we should abolish the Electoral College but nobody in Washington has called to ask for my opinion,” Gaetz said. “If James Madison had asked me, and I had been there, I would have said a popular vote is a better way to do it.”

Now that is change you can believe in.

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