How to Get a Bigger Butt and Hips – Biggest guide EVER!

Butt workout and exercises – Tips to getting a super firm lower body

A round firm ass, and pretty large thighs is all every lady wants today! Most men find a perfect lower body very sexy. For that reason, all women are doing all within their power to work their thighs and butts out to meet the exact definition of “sexy”z. Well, some opt for surgeries (which I strongly discourage my fellow ladies from), while others keep asking what foods can make their butts bigger.

Thanks to advancements in research there are better ways that will give you more accurate results- butt workouts and exercises. All you have to do is to ensure you have a regular schedule and a fitness guru to help you achieve that hour-glass figure you have spent sleepless nights trying to research on the best way to get. There are several butt workouts for women, if you missed out on one, the other one will definitely work out for you.

1. How to make your butt bigger fast with home exercises


Those who won’t make it to the gym due to one reason (some fear, others finances) or another have an alternative. There are lots of home exercises to help them lift their butts and make bigger hips. Find below tried and tested techniques that will guide you on how to get a bigger butt at the comfort of your home.

The Isometric butt squeeze as you enjoy watching TV

Sounds simple right? Well, it is, the isometric butt squeeze is incredibly easy and suitable for all ladies who wish to better their butts. The exercise is nothing more than squeezing the butt together to generate an isometric tension in the muscles of the butt. It is best done while lying on a couch face down. However, you can also try it sitting down or standing up as well. Try it out while at work or when driving home from work, I bet none of your comrades in the office will realize.

The exercise ought to be done for at least 5 minutes every day. However, if you want quicker results, spend 20 minutes each day without much effort. The longer one holds each squeeze, the better the results. I do a single squeeze for as long as a minute on a good day and as little as 20 seconds on a worn out day. The best of my squeezes last up to even 5 minutes! Though rare.

Body weight squats to be done on the wall

This is an enjoyable home workout for women trying to look for ways on how to get a bigger butt without having to attend strict gym sessions. This technique serves almost the same purpose as barbell squats at any workout facility or gym. The best way to get the focus on the butt and not on the leg is to make a deep squat. This means one will need to squat such that the upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Any squat that goes higher than that only puts most focus on the legs. 4 sets each involving 10 squats every day is all you need. You may choose to spread the sets throughout the day or complete them all at once resting a minute between two sets. Think no more, this is exactly how to get a bigger butt.

Now you know what to do when home alone. Every effort made in working your booty and thighs will in the long run bear some fruits. Patience and consistence is the key, don’t give up once you begin the routines, something good will happen within a short span.

Trimming and sculpting exercises that will give you a big round booty

Female gym lovers have a reason to smile. As they go for their normal routines, they may consider taking butt exercises too. There are lots out there, but out of the many are a few perfect exercises that will give you a big round booty in a nick of time. Trimming and sculpting exercises are such magnificent routines, I did a collection of six of my best such exercises just for you. With them come two useful tips to look into while making yourself a big round booty.

Tip 1 – For butt sculpting exercises

When taking most butt sculpting routines, it is of great importance to ensure the weight is kept on the heels. This will concentrate all the stress from the routine to the butt and not the knees.

Reverse Step Back Lunges

To ensure proper support, hold on to a bar at the chest level and place both feet directly beneath the bar. Concentrating the weight on the left heel, step back far enough using the right heel so that when the body is lowered, one ends up in a lunge posture with the shin and left thigh perpendicular to one another. Next, lift your body back up raising the right knee up to the bar. Repeat the procedure 20 – 30 times after which you may switch legs.

Tip 1- For Lunge exercises

Whenever you are taking Lunge exercises, there is need to keep the upper body as upright as possible to minimize strain on the back. Begin slowly, avoid going too low if you have never tried the reverse lunge. The more you continue carrying out these exercises, the deeper you will be able to lunge and work the glutes even more.

Walking Lunges (done with or without weights)

While standing straight, make a step forward as far as you can without much strain. First, place one foot down heel. Flex the hip and knee then lower your body until the rear knee almost touches the floor taking care not let the front knee surge over the toe. With the help of the hind leg, stand on the front leg, lunging to the front with the other leg. To ensure the routine is productive, one will need an area where they can walk up to 20 feet with no obstruction.


Do squats make your butt bigger? Some women love asking. Well, among all big butt making exercises, the squat is the most common. While many ladies always want to go for it, quite a large number miss out on the minor details that bring about a major difference. To make sure all the effort is concentrated on the butt and not on the legs, stand with the feet shoulder width apart and forward. The lower back should be kept straight and the body lowered to about 90-degree as if to sit, allowing the force to be concentrated on the hamstrings and glutes. Then, get back slowly to standing position by pushing up through the heels using hamstrings and glutes. If done 20 to 30 times, the end result is something worth smiling about.

Dead Lift for round butt

With a barbell and weights suitable for your level of fitness, maintain a standing position with the feet shoulder width apart, make a forward bend from the hips, keeping all legs straight or only slightly bent but not squatting. Always ensure your back is kept flat for the exercise to work effectively and to avoid any injuries. Once the end of the movement towards the floor is reached, the butt and hamstrings should be tightened as one slowly moves back to the initial position. The bar should always be kept close to the legs during the entire movement. This routine should also be repeated 20 to 30 times.

Wide Stance Dumbbell Squats

For those still asking the question “do squats make your butt bigger?” Here is another working squat routine to help gym lovers make a big round booty. Stand with the feet wide apart so that they are almost one foot wider than the shoulders. Toes should be pointed outwards to a 45-degree angle. Hold a dumbbell then squat down slowly pushing outwards the knees until thighs become parallel to ground. Next, raise the body back up and tighten your butt cheeks at the top for 3-5 seconds around 20 to 30 times.

Step Ups (done with or without weights)

Don’t get tired yet, we have just on the journey to making you big sexy Kim Kardashian Buttocks. With step ups, place one foot on a bench such that the thigh is parallel to the floor with the knee pointing to the same direction as the foot all through. Push your heel into the bench step up, then carefully step back down focusing on the leg up on the step. Ensure your upper body is kept straight during the routine. One leg ought to be done around 15 to 20 times after which a change in the legs is to be made. Alternatively, one may alternate legs 20 to 30 times each. This workout can be maximized by standing a distance from the bench to apply stress on the quads or standing close to the bench to lay emphasis on the glutes.

2. How to get a bigger butt naturally


Ladies everywhere are dying to know how to get a bigger butt naturally without having to pay huge bills on serious surgeries procedures that could leave them with severe longtime side effects. Right, having perfect Kim Kardashian buttocks, what one would describe as an impeccably plump butt, is every ladies desire and every man’s wish for his partner.

Well, why not make a move towards achieving one hell of a big round booty that will see you shine among your girlfriends on a girls’ night out in town? Get started today, in fact learning how to get a bigger butt naturally should appear at the top of your priority list.

Avoid ditching out lots of cash on scams that are apparently unhealthy and very ineffective

Never let the obsession for a round butt drive you astray! Pills work but most are never long term, worse still you risk experiencing more harm than good. A large number of women out there avoid the effort required to experience the bliss of owning a bigger butt naturally. Getting to know how to do this means one decides where they stand with surgeries and extravagant marketing scams. Believe you me, most people often lie and spread rumors about butt enhancement products and procedures which don’t actually bear the expected fruits.

Getting to know how to get a bigger butt naturally simply means understanding the fact that getting involved in accurately targeted exercises with a specifically supplemented diet is the best and safest way to maximize that butt enlargement in a manner that will make you want to show off those Kim Kardashian buttocks.

Most ladies ought to tailor their exercises around their butt first before branching out to other parts from there!

The butt is just one part of your body that needs work if you want a perfect sexy body. However, if the buttocks is your top priority, die making it first. A number of ladies don’t put enough concentration on their booty when it actually is the first part of their body they would like to see progressing. Right, since the butt is usually the first challenge and a highly concentrated storage site of fat during pregnancy and mothering, it requires extra attention.

After taking targeted butt routines, you are now free to move to the connector muscles

After putting much concentration on the buttocks with many different routines to really make it grow bigger, you will have made it to your first priority. With all the effort put in, you will never underrate the commitment needed to make a bigger butt naturally. Next, you will branch out to the closest adjoining muscles; thighs, hamstrings, core and stomach muscles. After this, tightening the arms and other smaller body muscles won’t be much or a duty.

How to get a Bigger Butt by Putting on Natural Feeling Padded Pants

Curvaceous hips and round butts are a major sign of femininity and are considered an attractive trait. For ladies who are less endowed, achieving the hour-glass shape, a round big butt and more feminine thighs can be very challenging.

This naughty world never gets spoilt of choices when it comes to providing solutions to anything. Padded panties aren’t a strange thing. During my years as a teenager, I remember my older cousins confessing that they loved wearing hip and butt pads. That dates back to the late 60s through to the 70s. Padded underwear have certainly come a long way since those days. The earliest form of butt boosting panties were mainly made of foam. They both had an unnatural look and feeling. With the new improvements hitting all aspects of life, there has great advancements in padded panties “know-how” as well.

Recently, I bought my sister padded underwear for her birthday gift. She usually has a very small booty, and as a lady of style expected own a big round booty, her tiny ones always bring her much discomfort.

To say I was awestruck by what I saw would be an understatement. Having used foam padded panties in the past (while foam panties made her butt look fuller), she was often very self-conscious about having them on felt to the touch. Today’s world offers a silicone pad insert. Believe me, my sister’s butt in the padded panties was the most natural looking fake booty I have ever come across all my life! It looked just as natural as it looked and most importantly, she loved how she looked!

It is okay to use padded underwear to enhance or create an illusion of a bigger butt. It helps boosts one’s confidence and appearance with their clothes on.

3. Brazilian butt lift workout


Who doesn’t know her, Alessandra Ambrosio the model from Victoria Secret? Her perfectly-toned body and cute curves has flickered hearts of many. Who has ever heard of someone shedding 20 pounds only 16 weeks after delivering a baby? Well, Alessandra did it! As if not enough, she went ahead to scorch the ramp at a fashion show. All these courtesy of the Brazil butt lift workout program. Amazing, isn’t it! Right, I know you can’t wait any longer to know about this legendary Brazilian butt lift workout and trust me, I won’t disappoint you in that, Lets jump straight into it.

Brazilian ladies have raised the fashion calibers to an astonishing high. The Buttocks being one of their most eye-catching features. In fact, the so called Brazilian butt has become such a trend as to be included among fitness programs, exercises and surgeries to ensure women get the booty of their dreams.

It is true not every lady wants to undertake a surgery. Therefore, the next best option is to try different butt workouts with the help of a qualified gym instructor that will bring perfect results if supplemented with a healthy diet plan. It is of the essence to choose a reputable workout program that provides effective results. Brazilian butt lift exercises DVDs by Leandro Carvalho have testified to render a picture-perfect figure to most of the world’s top models, ballerinas, Super bikini models and renowned samba dancers.

The well-known Brazil butt lift workout program is designed for all body sizes and shapes. The routine includes Lift and Shape, Slim and Lift, Slim and Shape, as well as Classic Combination of the stated workouts. Interestingly, each of the routines is designed for specific body types.

According to Leandro, the mastermind behind the Brazilian butt idea, workouts must target the area at all given angles, which is quite a complex thing to do. Nevertheless, his curriculum’s high rate of success has shown that it isn’t impossible to realize a comprehensive butt exercises. Leandro’s program includes in addition to the butt exercises for the upper body, legs and abs. The programs has lots of variations in squats and lunges to help increase its efficiency.

Are you fit for Brazilian Butt workout programs?

Well, as much as these workout programs may sound fun, none of them is actually a child’s play. For that reason, a doctor ought to be consulted to ensure any risks of discomfort within the body are sorted out before the programs begin. The program is such a serious procedure that affects both your mind and body. It is important to be conscious of all your health conditions and have a steady mind in order to begin such routines.

Cases of complications such as diabetes, low or high blood pressure, arthritis, heart problems or general body weakness, call for supervision on how to get started on what work out and exercises in order to avoid any teething troubles. Since each female has a unique body type, it is advisable to consult a qualified fitness guru before picking on any workout plan.

With all these in mind, what then can hinder you from getting a big round butt? Enough of turning fashion magazine pages and salivating over the cute voluptuous models! It’s high time you attained that model-like figure you so desire. But this definitely calls for action, precisely, workout. Sweat your body to achieving the Brazilian butt and enjoy a perfect sexy body afterwards!

Where most women go wrong with their Brazil Butt Lift Workout

Women are always conscious of their body. It is very natural about women and they can do everything within their power to get their bodies in shape. Well, as they aspire to get that Brazilian butt look common among many Brazilian models, they grow so much envy as to sign up with different exercise programs just to achieve what they want. Right, it’s a good effort, the only problem is that only a few women actually achieve it while many have failed. The question is, why do they fail?

Well, the answer is, they are carrying out their routines backwards. This basically means that women are mistakenly training. Most ladies think that the butt is only a single muscle which is not true. There are a total of three muscles in the butt. They are the gluteus medius, minimus and maximus. If all the above muscles are worked out to perfection, no doubt something good will certainly happen. Much research has to be carried out because most old text books about fitness have the wrong facts wrong. Consider looking for new editions, why not try reading fitness magazine and browse the internet for latest news on butt workouts for women?

Cutting-edge fitness magazines will guide you through the latest butt workouts for women. Nonetheless, all you need to do is to pick the best out of the long list you get from your research. Make sure you pick only what deals with butt workouts for women and not those that talk about overall exercise training programs.

Being upgraded doesn’t necessarily mean they contain accurate information so always be careful. Always read each source of information thoroughly before using any of its programs. Also, try comparing notes with those that are posted in the internet as the digital world has the best and latest information.

4. How to get a bigger butt with Fish oil and Vitamin E


Well, this has been a bone of contention in different media – the most notorious being different social media sites and YouTube.

There is a naughty rumor that keeps spreading around, where one can simply purchase vitamin e pills or cream and fish oil pills, then rub them onto their buttocks to make it bigger.

Rumor is a great traveler, and every rumor has some truth behind it, the only question is; does the above method really work? Right, let’s get cracking on the facts

The process sets foot with an individual making tiny holes on fish oil pills and vitamin e pills, then follows application of a generous amount to their butt.

Next, one grabs some seran wrap which she uses to completely cover all the applied areas of the butt. This is often done to ensure proper absorption of the oil so it doesn’t leak onto the skirt or dress.

Lastly, one can have a thirty minute rest on a seat or proceed about their daily activities. Amusingly, a few extravagant individuals last longer than 30 minutes on their seats expecting to yield even better results.

Funny still, some women even rest their booties on a heating pad hoping it causes the skin pores of the butt to open and absorb much of the oil.

Well, before I even came to know about this whole procedure, the logic behind it was already open to me. However, before I begin talking about that, a brief look into what each of the ingredients behind these pills do to the human booties will be of great help.

Fish Oil

Honestly speaking, Fish oil has earned much popularity in the health sector in the 21st century. Its major constituents include EPA & DHA which together forms a healthy fatty acid referred to as Omega 3which is an essential fatty acid (meaning it cannot be produced by the body)

The essential fatty acid Omega 3 has been said to prevent and aid in healing many diseases, treat some injuries, and sort different issues within the body. For that reason, health experts recommend a daily intake of foods that can induce its production.

Its benefits include, enhanced memory, improved cardiac health, and reduced inflammation, anti-aging, intellectual function, improved fat combustion and many others.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin grouped among the fat soluble vitamins. The vitamin is a potent anti-oxidant often used in manufacturing skin care products and applied to help eliminate scars, wrinkles and cuticles through its anti-free radical characteristics.

Nonetheless, the importance of having a noteworthy effect on such things has turned out rather questionable.

The body has not the ability to produce vitamin E on its own, therefore, it is important that you eat foods sufficient in it. Appreciatively, consuming some of the foods recommended in the foods for a big booty list will come along with good quantities of vitamin E.

Take this sweet example of almonds, only an ounce gives you up to 40% of your total of Vitamin E in a day.

Having known precisely about both of the ingredients, we can now continue with our discussion and find out if they can give you a big butt.

Mixing Vitamin E and Fish Oil for Butt Growth

Truth be told, there isn’t enough hard logic as to why the two products ought to be mixed together to enhance buttocks growth. Nevertheless, the collective reasoning is that vitamin E is believed to have a wide range of benefits to the skin and fish oil is liquid fat.

Most ladies tend to assume that if applied, the fat from fish oil gets absorbed into the booty causing the butt to grow bigger and fatter. While Vitamin E is believed to assist with smoothness and firmness.

The ultimate result is a bigger, firmer, and smoother butt. Sounds sweet to the ear and soothing to soul, right?

Sorry, I have to say, it just can’t work that way! You cannot spot treat parts of your body by rubbing oil on yourself

Well, if you are still in doubt, then think about it the spot treating logic in this way; Why then do other people who know about it fail to use it as a solution to “fatten” different parts of their bodies such as bony ribs, sunken cheeks and bony collar bones? Think about it, would there be need boob jobs anymore?

And even if you insisted that this works out, each fish oil pill has in it a very insignificant amount of calories-say 10 which science obviously knows is insufficient for the human body to store excess fat.

Hold that for a moment, what about the multitudes who claim they have grown a bigger butt courtesy of fish oil and vitamin E? Yes there are tons in the internet, you won’t believe if you made an attempt to type the topic on any search engine.

Right, it might be true, but there are a number of reason why it may turn out that way.

The first and most common one maybe be nothing more than a crazy illusion in their minds. Remember they want Kim Kardashian buttocks, then suddenly a so called “solution” comes their way. If it were you, wouldn’t you be convinced it really works?

For women who literally measure how bigger their butt grow, I guess their findings are inaccurate due to improper measuring. A difference of a few inches may sometimes cause a change in measurements depending on how one positions their body.

Moreover like many other body parts, we can as well assume that a butt may be smaller or bigger that it really is at a given the time of day. Factors like the surrounding temperature, hormones, water retention, hydration levels or sodium intake may be the reason behind it. At times, sitting or standing for a long period may also cause fluctuations in size of the butt.

The last and most likely reason as to why ladies notice a bigger butt after applying the oil and vitamin mixture, is that they might have truly grown. Only that the oil and vitamin mixture wasn’t the cause of the growth.

Quite a good number of women I know of use the above method are on a healthy diet and thorough exercises. The only problem is that most think butt enlargement from exercise simply isn’t that fast, so they begin owing their bigger butt to the oil and vitamin mixture instead, while in real sense, one may experience booty growth after only a few days or weeks of simple workouts.

Knowledge is power, and there are the facts, never be deceived!

5. How to Get Bigger Hips


The hourglass figure – every man’s desire, every woman’s dream! The world sees it as a strong symbol of feminity as well as a healthy demonstration of good genes. Some of the world’s renowned celebrities have it abundance the features that leads to such a figure, the likes of Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj and Sofia Vergera among others.

Because of this, most women around the world are putting effort to achieve a sexier figure by growing wider hips to bring out that hourglass shape they desire.

Well, first it is important to remember that the hip muscle is not one of the easiest muscle on the human body to grow. However, it can be done!

Now, how does one go about it? Well, thank goodness most of the techniques and routines used in popping out booties also help a great deal in accentuating the hip muscles.

Picture this out; a flat stomach that extends down to firm thighs and a popping round butt with wide hips! How nice does that look? Mine is super sexy, describe yours in a paragraph, you won’t be convicted!

Well, all that comes with great effort- proper exercise and diet. While this may be bad news to many, the fact is that only a few women grow that hour-glass figure naturally without putting any efforts in the gym.

I know the thought of exercise makes you sick but it doesn’t have to always be as boring and torturous as you have already imagined. Believe me, it can in fact turn out fun and motivating when you begin seeing fantastic results.

The idea is pretty simple, even though most people seem to get it all wrong. To achieve the best results, you should combine the elements of weighted training with lower load exercises. These two are good for sheer growth and frequent progression, and for muscle shaping and activation respectively. These two work in harmony to bring out the results you desire.

For those who mean business trying to find out how to get bigger hips, sexier curvatures and a round rocking booty in the shortest time possible, there are lots of amazing programs that can help you do that.

All you need is some proper education on the diet to live on and a few super-charged butt blasting exercises every week. Therefore, be sure to look into these two aspects as they form the fundamentals for bigger better hips.

With all that in mind, let’s look at a few hip building routines that you may start incorporating as soon as now.

Side Lying Hip Abduction

Because our major goal is growth, the exercise should be done with a dumbbell relaxed on the leg being lifted into the air. Every count should be done with the leg and hips not over-stretched so as to avoid lower than in injury on application of the weight.

Standing Side Abduction

This routine is similar to the lying hip abduction, only it is done from a standing position. All you need to do is to find support on a wall and grab a dumbbell. Make sure the dumbbell relaxes against your outer thigh then raise the leg on with it relaxes. The back should always be kept straight and upright while doing the standing side abduction.

Side Lunge

It is a simple exercise that may at some point seem too easy. However, when the Side lunge begins getting too easy, there is another way to go about it to avoid less stress on the knees using weighted barbell. This is my favorite, it is one great option for making your hips look bigger

This masterpiece of an article could go longer and longer, but too much of everything is poisonous. A few punchy words sink deeper than fluff. In a nutshell always remember that good exercise and diet is of utmost significance and the only true way to get a bigger butt and wider hips. It’s high time you forgot about getting a big booty at an instant, just wipe off the cream and pill idea off your mind.

Always be sure to live by the advice, and look into the resources mentioned on this article for an impeccable starting basis.


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