Does Bernie Sanders Read the Newspaper?

bernie-isisBernie’s Facebook is running this image, insisting that destroying ISIS “must be an international coalition, in which the Muslim nations are the troops on the ground.”

The post has thousands of shares, and hundreds of comments eager to avoid sending our troops into another Iraq-style quagmire.

Except that’s already the plan. No one at senior levels advocates a ground invasion of Syria. “NATO General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg has said that NATO putting boots on the ground in Syria to fight Islamic State militants is out of the question.” Western troops will continue to serve in support, training and advisory roles.

Is Bernie pandering to peaceniks, or is his foreign policy rusty?

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  • By and large, I’m a Bernie fan, because I think his heart’s in the right place on domestic issues. He’s a nice counterbalance to the ‘greed is good’ crowd.

    However, his foreign policy positions are naive on two levels. First, he fails to understand the depths of cynical Real Politik activity behind most of the world’s actions. I think he just can’t accept how much some countries and leaders are assholes. Second, he over-estimates America’s ‘purity of motives’ and our ability to lead the world in the direction he thinks we should go.

    As I’ve remarked before, radicalism won’t be defeated by military means, but by policy changes, and I see very little evidence of that. Anywhere. It may, in fact, be too late for any solution to be successful. Welcome to chaos.

  • I’ve been a Bernie fan for years. When I criticize his campaign, I’m preaching to the Hope and Change choir that’s simultaneously condemning Guantanamo. His Facebook followers aren’t going to get everything they’re excited about.

    Right now I don’t think he’ll get the nomination but he brings important ideas to the debate.

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