Do You Know What The Flame In The Photo Is?

Natural Gas FlareWhen I was younger the price of natural gas used to be so cheap that drillers just flared it off in the process of extracting more remunerative liquids from the deeps. That’s exactly what they are doing now: just burning off natural gas, you know, that clean energy everyone touted was the key to our future and lowering our carbon emissions? It’s terrible now how much of this natural gas we are simply wasting. Whole areas of Texas and the Dakotas can be seen at night due to the flaring. The picture above was one of about 40 flares we saw in a thirty mile stretch in the Brush country between Cotulla, Fowlerton and Pearsall this weekend.

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  • When I was growing up natural gas was in short supply. So short, in fact, that gas companise hired salesmen to travel around and call on companies that used gas. Their purpose was to teach those companies how to use less gas. They never called on companies who did not already use gas, because they did not want any new customers.

  • It’s not only the burning, the humongus amount of drilling equipment in operation consuming who knows how much water and injecting who knows what deeply and not so deeply into the earth.

    We all burn the Oil/Heroin in all we do.

  • This waste is madding and always upset me. Bottom line is: NG is too cheap, that’s why it is more economical for them to burn it rather than collect these small amounts and transport them to market. If you don’t have a pipeline then NG transport is expansive and energy intensive.

    Maybe if NG powered cars were more common in the US this could change, as the nearest gas station could very well become a customer for such small NG amounts.

    • The President by Executive Letter could convert the Federal automotive and light truck fleet to CNG. The Federal Government is the largest customer for cars and light trucks the the U.S. The Federal Fleet going on to CNG or LNG would spurn a whole chain reaction. More choices of cars and light trucks with CNG or LNG fuel options from Detroit would be offered. More CNG stations would pop up to supply the Federal Fleet, making obtaining CNG easier. More companies offering at home overnight fueling pumps that run off a house supply of Natural Gas to fuel at home.

  • I’ve known individuals and some companies who converted to LNG and was told it wasn’t that hard or expensive to have a vehicle capable of burning LNG/Propane and switch to regular gas when necessary.

    There are several things that bother me about fracking:
    We waste and pollute water we will need down the road, and need badly.
    In addition to wasting/polluting available water, we contaminate the water table with chemicals and liberate already-polluted underground water – in addition to the water we pollute-and-pump.
    Faced with obviously unsustainable and ecologically unsound practices, we double-down and accelerate into the brick wall.

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