David Michael Green…, Again

Here’s another one posted this week over at Common Dreams by David Michael Green that is well worth the read…, and echoes sentiments about the Wee Bush administration that I have earlier expressed here at The Agonist. In the interest of full disclosure…, I did steal the “Wee Bush” monicker from DMG…, though he didn’t use it here, he comes up some other descriptive monickers.

Thank You, Donald?

Call me a jerk if you want to (you won’t be the first), but I kinda like it when bad things happen to bad people. I especially appreciate it when greedy plutocrats who run over the weakest of us to in order to make themselves even richer and more powerful get handed their lunch.

Sadly, mine is a largely unrequited desire, and an altogether lonely avocation. It just doesn’t happen so very often that the world’s most deserving get their just reward. There might be justice in the cosmos, but I regret to say that I’ve not had the pleasure of encountering a whole lot of it in this lifetime.

Lately, though, I’ve been getting bruises on my butt from falling off my chair so often, as the crimes of more than a decade ago are miraculously now getting some attention. That’s not the same as justice, mind you. It ain’t even close. But it’s way more than ever happened at the time, and it’s way more than I ever expected. And, um – since you asked – it’s also damn fun.

And the best part of all is how clueless the Bushes are to everything happening to them, and how their lifetimes of imperious arrogance have rendered them completely incapable of seeing all this coming, despite the fact that it is the creation of none other than themselves.

Of course, the truth is that George W. Bush has been nothing but a boob his whole life. He was the drunken family boob, before he became the Ivy League cheerleader boob, before he became the failed businessman boob, before ultimately becoming the worst president in American history boob. Really, there’s more boob in this one guy than in an entire herd of bovines!

But, in the wake of 9/11, Americans were desperate to feel safe – even if only mythologically so – and thus unwilling to ask any probing questions about what had actually happened. Of course, as the weeks and months after the event unfolded, it was all there to see, at least for anyone willing to look.

There was the president whose face melted when he was told the news, but still kept on reading “The Pet Goat” to the nice schoolchildren. (The White House later claimed that he didn’t want to disturb the kiddies by abruptly getting up and leaving the room. Somehow, however, the same level of concern would not subsequently be applied to millions fo Iraqi schoolchildren.)

And there he was again that day, looking rattled, speaking to the country, flying to Nebraska, trying to get a grip.

There was the revelation that both his CIA Director, George Tenet, and his terrorism czar Richard Clarke had been going crazy for months trying to warn the administration of a looming attack and getting nowhere. And that they were so frustrated that both Clarke and a slew of CIA analysts on the al Qaeda desk had asked to be transferred to other assignments.

And that the reason they were getting nowhere was because, as Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill revealed, the administration was already obsessed with Iraq, to the exclusion of all else.

Then we learned that just a month before the attack the president had been specifically warned during his morning security briefing that an attack was imminent, one of 36 such al Qaeda warnings the president had received prior to 9/11. And that he had two notable responses to this last one on August 6, 2001.

The first was to say to his CIA briefer: “All right. You’ve covered your ass, now.” (No, I’m not making that up. That is literally what he said.)

And the second was to stay on vacation in Crawford, Texas, for an entire month just preceding the attack.

In short, if we could be honest about this – or if the president on September 11, 2001 had been a Democrat, let alone a black Democrat – there could be only one conclusion. It would be the same one that Clarke himself reached. This presidential national security aide to four presidents (Reagan through W) who is, or at least was then, a Republican, and who had voted for the Shrub in 2000, could only conclude that there was a chance that 9/11 could have been prevented had Bush just done what Bill Clinton had done every time he had received warnings of a looming serious attack – that is, to put the government on high alert, “shake the trees”, and make every effort possible to prevent bad things from happening.

But Lil’ Bush didn’t do any of that. And yet regressives desperately need for the country to believe that their guy didn’t commit the world’s greatest cock-up, so for folks to even consider the notion had to be preemptively turned into a thoughtcrime.

And imagine my total shock that the source for ‘revisiting’ these important questions that were never truly visited in the first place is none other than the leading Republican presidential candidate!

Hell, I’m ready to vote for Trump today!

If only I can get past all the racism, sexism, jingoism, militarism, xenophobia, environmental pillaging and financial plundering, that is.

Right on David Michael Green…, write on.

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  • Hell, I’m ready to vote for Trump today!

    If only I can get past all the racism, sexism, jingoism, militarism, xenophobia, environmental pillaging and financial plundering, that is.
    Hell, does he think voting democrat, green, or independent gets him past all of that entrenched moral corruption (to put it all under one roof)?
    Talk about the blind leading the blind…

    • I should expand a bit; the U.S. was founded by racists/xenophobes; it’s baked in. I have no idea who DMG is, but his closing paragraph is pure naivete. The litany of ism’s is the U.S..
      Trump says out loud the very thing the rest, both conservative and liberal (cough, sputter, choke), refuse to acknowledge.
      The whole shebang is corrupt to the core; the government lies, the corporate class lies, the financial class lies, the CCM (corporate controlled media) lies, and the national security state lies; often face to face with congress.
      I could barely accept DMG as entertainment; certainly not as a serious pundit. I dive very deep and rarely come up for air, as it’s fouled thoroughly…

  • Thom Hartmann Thanks The Donald Too…,
    on his blog…, Dammit….Donald Trump is Right Again!!

    George W. Bush’s total failure to stop 9/11 should be common knowledge, but thanks to the right-wing’s capture of our political discourse, it’s gone down the memory hole.

    And so now people are freaking out about Donald Trump saying something that’s so factual it shouldn’t be controversial at all: that the towers came down on George W. Bush’s watch and that he could have done more to stop the worst terrorist attack in American history.

    and Thom links to this piece in The Atlantic…, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, and Responsibility for 9/11

    The warnings continued. On July 11, the CIA sent word to the White House that a Chechen with links to al-Qaeda had warned that something big was coming. On July 24, the Daily Brief said the expected al-Qaeda attack had been postponed but was still being planned. Finally, on August 6, the CIA titled its Daily Brief: “Bin Ladin Determined to Strike the US.” The briefing didn’t mention a specific date or target, but it did mention the possibility of attack in New York and mentioned that the terrorists might hijack airplanes. In Angler, Barton Gellman notes that it was the 36th time the CIA had raised al-Qaeda with President Bush since he took office.

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