Cracker Stupidity

Did someone tell House Republicans that “haggle” was an instransitive verb and they misunderstood?

I honestly thought we’d have a deal by now. Both sides realize that going over the “fiscal cliff” is dumb after all. Weren’t we told that’s why the cliff had been set up, so that both sides would be sure to want to negotiate a better deal rather than go over it? I thought Republican obstructivism was simply a bit of political theater, because surely even they could see that if sticking by your “no tax rises in a deal” rhetoric meant more and bigger tax rises across the board then actually blocking a deal was going to mean you’d get the blame for raising taxes by a simple process of being too stupid. I underestimated the power of cracker stupidity. I think everyone did, even John Boehner.

I shouldn’t have. I live in West Texas after all. A place where a gun shop owner can start a petition to have teachers concealed carry handguns in schools and no-one notes the conflict of interest. A place where the National Socialist Party -Nazis – can distribute propaganda door-to-door and people innundate a local news station’s Facebook page to defend those Nazis and their First Amendment rights without ever stopping to mention that Nazis don’t have a great track record at defending other peoples’ rights at all.


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