Conservatives Call To Kill Dept. Of Homeland Security

This is funny as s**t, especially the comments. Conservatives telling each other that they’ve always hated the PATRIOT ACT for its assault on their constitutional rights, and whining that they always wanted the DHS to be a privatized body. That it should be done away with now is axiomatic, because the shoe is on the other foot and sshhh, the President’s a N-Dinggg!

Did they all forget how many House Republicans fell over themselves to co-sponsor the bill introduced by Dick Armey? Or the partner Senate bill sponsored by Phill Gramm?

Did they all forget how many House Republicans were among the 132 House votes against that bill? I’ll tell them. Eight.

It’s a Grand Old Planet called “Denial”, right enough.

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Steve Hynd

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  • To be fair while there is some hypocrisy on the part of Capt Ed and other conservatives Nick Gillespe and the folks at REASON were opposed to it from the get go and it was the REASON video that started it all.

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