Chaos in Bangkok

Yes, Bangkok has gone nuts, a bomb and riots, but Chiang Mai is calm and all is well.

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Sean Paul Kelley

Traveler of the (real) Silk Road, scholar and historian, photographer and writer - founder of The Agonist.

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  • I’ve been here more than 7 years and would never say I “know Thailand”. The best statement I’ve heard is; “I’ve been here for 20 years and I still do not understand this culture.” I can’t remember his name, but truer words have not been spoken. I’m an American and the only thing I think I’ve figured out is this: Western style democracy is just not going to work here. My wife (she’s a highly educated teacher) laughed at me when I said that once an official was elected the Thais had to wait until the next election to vote them out if they didn’t like them or their politics. This is not the Thai way; off with their heads is more their style. I just came back from Bangkok tonight and we got to talk to a few cab drivers (fiercely pro-Thaksin) and they were very happy the police went in and kicked some butt. More than 70 injured, 1 dead from the car bomb, several severely injured, riots in the streets, and panic from the anti-government protesters. My own view is; this will get worse. The PAD will not easily give up their anti-government crusade.
    The side note here is that if you live outside of Bangkok, you have to read the news to know anything untoward is happening.

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