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The Jehoshua Novels

The “Purple Wedding” of Geo-Politics

Sorry if you don’t watch Game of Thrones on Sunday nights, you might not get the title reference. Suffice it to say, without needing to give a spoiler alert, that there’s vengeance and there’s payback.


100,000 Russian troops on Ukraine border

Reports from al arabiya seems legit.. USA claims 30,000 however.

Today In Slanted News

Why is this man laughing?

The diplomatic crisis in Ukraine is bad enough and the America government struggles to find a path to work this out are harsh and complex, but see if you can guess where this article was posted:


Ukraine prime minister resigns; parliament cancels anti-protest laws

LATimes – Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov tended his resignation Tuesday, as the country’s opposition celebrated its first major victory in an ongoing standoff with the government.

Azarov’s resignation comes after two months of mass protests across the country and a week of violent clashes in Kiev in which at least four activists were killed, [...]

Putin On The Fritz

Well, we’re literally days away from the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics, and Vladimir Putin is starting to see his chickens come home to roost:

The Olympic teams of Germany, Hungary and Italy said Wednesday that they had received emails threatening attacks at the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, adding to [...]

The Adult In The Room

The interesting dynamic that is the relationship between Obama and Putin has a new twist, and it’s one we should welcome:

On Wednesday evening, when U.S. President Obama cancelled his upcoming visit to Moscow, the Russian reaction was perhaps most clear in the way that Vesti, the state’s main propaganda TV channel, conveyed it on [...]

Declaring war on the unemployed: So that’s what “Compassionate Conservatism” looks like

In a recession whose genesis can largely be laid at their feet, Republicans have decided to own up to their responsibility by…wait for it…blaming the victims. Instead of determining how they might lessen the burden on the unemployed- especially the long-term jobless- Republicans have declared war on them.

It’s difficult to understand, much less [...]

Toward a second front in Syria?

The Obama administration is reluctantly upping its involvement in the Syrian civil war. Though the White House offers few details, reports indicate that American personnel will arm and train teams of rebel fighters on Jordanian territory, then send them across the border to fight the Assad government.

This is unlikely to bring a rapid turn [...]

Peace, Love, and Brown Rice (and I’m not sure about the brown rice)


The word Serf as defined by Collins English Dictionary;

Noun; 1. (esp in medieval Europe) an unfree person, esp one bound to the land. If his lord sold the land, the serf was passed on to the new lord.


vassal, slave, thrall, bondsman, varlet, helot, villein, and liegeman.

Serf as defined by The [...]

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is innocent: The cult of stupid sinks to new depths

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a vibrant and growing community on the Internet composed of allegedly lucid people who are unshakably convinced that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being framed for the Boston Marathon bombing. Despite the growing mountain of evidence against Tsarnaev and his late brother, and despite the fact that Tsarnaev has [...]

Sow the Wind

You know the rest…

Reports from the arc of the angry Tea Party movement indicate that, yes indeed, there is a FEDERAL government and yes, it does provide a big payoff to be in one of the five states that comprise Tea Party Homeland. Each and every one of the states on the map receives [...]

Russia scraps law enforcement deal with Washington


Russia is scrapping its agreement with Washington to cooperate on law enforcement and narcotics control, another sign of deteriorating ties between the Cold War-era foes since Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin last year.

The order, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and posted on the government website on Wednesday, said the agreement, which [...]

Conversations From The Common Ma’am

David Gregory is now a possible felon for showing an empty magazine, not attached to any gun, on TV. NBC checked, got conflicting answers, prior to the show. The conflict is pretty standard when dealing with multiple government employees. He was showing what they look like, which is information for those who’ve never seen one. [...]

Mitt’s Son Goes To Russia, Says Dad Will Be More Flexible After Election

From the NY Times:

Matt Romney, a son of the Republican presidential nominee, traveled to Moscow this week seeking Russian investors for his California-based real estate firm just days before his father is to wrap up a campaign in which he has vowed to take a tougher stance with the Kremlin.

…while in Moscow, Mr. [...]

Foreign Language American Anti-Intellectualism

It’s hilarious to watch Republicans fall all over themselves bashing each other for speaking French in the case of Mitt Romney and Chinese in the case of John Huntsman. Of course, it’s hard for me to get excited about a candidate that speaks a romance language. They are all pretty easy to master. I mean, [...]