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The Jehoshua Novels

ALEC facing funding crisis from donor exodus in wake of Trayvon Martin row

The Guardian, By Ed Pilkington and Suzanne Goldenberg, December 3

New York – An influential US lobbying network of Republican politicians and big businesses is seeking to avert a looming funding crisis by appealing to major donors that have abandoned it over the past two years following criticism of its policy on gun laws.

The [...]

U.S. Reforms “Open Floodgates” on Arms Exports

IPS, By Ramy Srour, October 17

On Tuesday, the largest deregulation in the history of U.S. arms exports took place as part of the Barack Obama administration’s export reform initiative.

But a day after the new reforms came into effect, former government officials and critics from the human rights community are warning of the serious [...]

When Does It End? When Will They Ever Learn?

The DC Navy yard massacre this week has raised a whole raft of questions, everything from mental health issues to calls for more gun control, which of course I see as the larger issue in this and every other case of mass killings by a single gunman.

(A side note: As my good friend [...]

Texas Police Hit Organic Farm With Massive SWAT Raid

Huffington Post, By Radley Balko, August 15

A small organic farm in Arlington, Texas, was the target of a massive police action last week that included aerial surveillance, a SWAT raid and a 10-hour search.

Members of the local police raiding party had a search warrant for marijuana plants, which they failed to find at [...]

Hm. Buyer’s Remorse?

An interesting interview on Anderson Cooper’s show last night with one of the jurors on the George Zimmerman panel:

The woman, known as Juror B37, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that when the jury began deliberations Friday, they took an initial vote. Three jurors — including B37 — were in favor of acquittal, two supported manslaughter [...]

Droning On

This should come as no surprise to anyone, even without the recent foofaraw about NSA grepping phone numbers:

WASHINGTON — FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged Wednesday that the agency has deployed drones to conduct surveillance in the U.S., and that the bureau was developing guidelines for their future law enforcement use.

Mueller told the Senate [...]

Blow to NRA as court allows US to track gun sales in states on Mexican border

(The Guardian) – The National Rifle Association has suffered a rare setback in its crusade to block new gun regulations after a federal appeals court allowed the US government to go ahead with a plan to reduce the smuggling of semi-automatic weapons across the Mexican border.

The new rules, introduced by Barack Obama under his [...]

A very good reason why “MORE GUNS!!” is a poor solution

There’s a disturbing tendency among gun advocates to see security issue as having a very simple solution- MORE GUNS!! It’s as black and white as you can imagine- more guns equals more safety and security. The idea that the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with [...]

Armed gun nuts marching on Washington: What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Hmm…a herd of armed, lunatic gun nuts marching on our nation’s capitol on July 4th; anyone else see a potential problem? Hey, what could go wrong? It’s just a few thousand brave American patriots freedoming their way to Washington…while talking about armed revolution and “2nd Amendment remedies.”

Never mind that NOBODY…and I do mean NOBODY…is [...]

Only Ten Percent of Citizens Support Military Involvement in Syria

The citizens of this country are in no mood to see U.S. military involvement in Syria. Of course, it has already begun. Consultation, secret assistance, and money given for “communications” (which allows other money for weapons) all contribute to the military effort. For months, Hillary Clinton demanded that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad leave the country. [...]

Gun control: No easy solution…but can we at least talk about it?

I understand that gun control, like many issues we face today, doesn’t lend itself to an easily arrived at, universally agreed upon solution. Good people can, and do, disagree…and crazy, unhinged people can, and do cling to their guns with a devotion they wouldn’t expend on their children. You’d think that somewhere in the middle [...]

The Song of the Furies

Witnesses to them that died,

The blood avengers at his side,

The Furies’ troop forever stands.

Aeschylus was more right than he knew.

I’ll leave it to Gabby Giffords to explain what this post is about:

SENATORS say they fear the N.R.A. and the gun lobby. But I think that [...]

Connecticut Passes Strong Gun Control Laws – with Republicans

(karoli at C&L) – Rachel Maddow broke the news on her show last night. (Happy belated birthday, too, Rachel!) Connecticut legislators have agreed on a framework for a comprehensive gun safety package. In this interview with Connecticut Senator Williams, he reveals that the agreement is bipartisan, even though Democrats had the votes to pass legislation [...]

Assaulted Nuts

What the hell is Harry Reid thinking?

Reid insisted yesterday that all of these measures deserved a vote — but that including some of them in the main legislative package brought to the Senate floor would sink the entire effort. The main bill that Reid will introduce will have to get at least 60 votes [...]

There’s a surprising decline in U.S. households with guns, study finds

New York Times, By Sabrina Tevernise & Robert Gebeloff, March 9

New York – The share of U.S. households with guns has declined over the past four decades, a national survey shows, with some of the most surprising drops in the South and the Western mountain states, where guns are deeply embedded in the culture.