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The Jehoshua Novels

The US State Religion

Despite claims to the contrary, the US has a state-sponsored and supported religion.

Like all religions, it has its dogma, a group of fundamental beliefs, that are accepted “on faith,” without any physical proof. And like all religions, it has its clerics/priests, an organized structure for its support, and the priests have their own body [...]

Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3

So it seems that the historic bi-partisan budget deal in the House last week – historic, in that it’s been years since we didn’t just pass a Continuing Resolution to fund the government – is falling on enough deaf ears in the Senate to be a problem:

The prospect that the budget would [...]

Budget deal – Corporate welfare trumps jobless benefits

Same as it ever was….

Christmas came a few days early for corporate interests and won’t arrive for the jobless as a result of the budget deal just announced. Seeking to avoid the public relations disaster of the last budget fight, Republican negotiator Rep. Paul Ryan worked out a deal to avoid another dust [...]

Infrastructure Demands Action


Austerity: It doesn’t work, which makes it the PERFECT solution for those addicted to magical thinking

In a time of challenge and adversity, It’s human nature to want to hunker down. Some of us might even want to dig a hole, crawl into it, pull the covers over our head, and wait for trouble to roll on by. Self-preservation is perhaps the most basic human instinct…but that desire to protect ourselves [...]

Cruz-in’ for a Bruisin’

What has two thumbs and no friends?

So, you know who else besides Weaker Boener stepped on his dick with the shut-down? This guy:


The End Times. I Mean, Games

Got one hand in my pocket, and the other is smoking a cigarette…

Weaker Boener has had it.


And Not a Word about the Defense Department

After just a little more than a day into the Great Government Shutdown of 2013, the federal government quietly called back all of the Defense Department workers who had been furloughed. All CIA, NSA and other intelligence agency federal employees were brought back on the job as well. In the multiple discussions that are underway [...]

The Saving Grace of Saving Face

Nancy realizes she will be Speaker again, soon.

Comes the salvage operation for the House Republican caucus:

House Republicans, increasingly isolated from even some of their strongest supporters more than a week into a government shutdown, began on Wednesday to consider a path out of the fiscal impasse that would raise the debt ceiling [...]

Waning Boehner

We’re starting to see the last throes of a desperate man at the head of a desperate caucus:

Why is the Orange Man not saluting the flag?

Boehner, responding to President Obama’s hourlong news conference, said he remained “disappointed” that Obama refused to consider talks centered on House-passed spending measures that included provisions tied to [...]


In every crisis, there is a watershed moment where the solution – or at least, the denouement – appears. Thus endeth the shutdown:

Cry, the Beloved Derper

Senate Democrats could introduce a bill to raise the debt limit this week, according to a Democratic aide. Considering the procedural roadblocks the measure could face, aides [...]

Why Is Weaker Boener Killing Children?

And why is this man smiling? Oh. Right. Cuz he’s winning!

There are more than enough votes to put a clean continuing resolution (CR) up for a vote.

So why won’t Weaker Boener do it?

He’s Speaker of the House, and can destroy any member of his caucus who opposes him (oh, for the [...]

The Marching Morons

Ted Cruz Leading from Behind

Apocryphal or not, the image of lemmings committing mass suicide is ingrained in our culture, so much so that we may borrow it to describe the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives:

As the shutdown lingers, some Republican moderates are openly frustrated that tea party darling Sen. Ted [...]

Welcome, Comrades!

Is Obamacare. Vary nice! We are all socialists now, no? After all, that’s what we’ve been warned about since the bill was proposed. And passed. And affirmed by the SCOTUS. So get your little red book of the sayings of Chairman Mao out of the box you stashed it in back in the early 80s, [...]

The Debt Machine Grinds to a Very Temporary Halt


The temporary shutdown of the US government begins tonight. The immediate consequence will be the furloughing of federal government employees who are considered “non-essential”. Some government offices will be operated on shortened hours or closed altogether, as will the national parks. Defense and intelligence agencies will remain open, though perhaps with fewer staff. [...]