Used Teabags

I wrote a few weeks ago that the Tea Party was a drying wart on the American political landscape, a view cinched last night:

FORTUNE — Tactically, the Republican establishment is routing the Tea Party. The insurgency’s backslide has been apparent all year, as its handpicked challengers to GOP incumbents failed to gain traction, […]

Imagine This Frightening Scenario

President Barack Obama wakes up on the morning of November 5, 2014 with a headache:


What if Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are lying?

What if there is a much larger scandal lurking within their private lives? What if the “whole lot of therapy” was merely a ruse, a going through the motions. What if it was an act necessitated by the need “to get to a place where [Abedin] could forgive Anthony?” Not for engaging in a relationship […]

Snowden to World Leaders – We’re listening … to everything

Ed Snowden to G8: turn on the taps when talking Gary Gibbons on Politics June 16

“Ed Snowden’s computers have delivered another extraordinary story to The Guardian – but one that you can safely predict kills of Mr Snowden’s hopes of asylum. He reveals that GCHQ boasted of tapping into Blackberries, emails and phone traffic […]

Should America Divorce?

The short answer is, no. But there’s a case to be made for couples therapy:

In Europe’s case, the motor for secession is ethnicity. In America, however, it’s a politics turned toxic. The 2012 election encouraged the idea that the U.S. is split into two camps that are politically and culturally alien and with opposing […]

Whiners In The News

I was going to write about something else, but the sun got in my eyes, my shoe lace was untied and I’m not a popular enough blogger because other blogs are hogging all the readers. So let’s talk about whining: 1) Mitt Romney complains that Barack Obama, President of the United States, used his office […]

Nobody Asked Me, But…

(Note to my Agonist readers: Nobody Asked Me, But…is a weekly feature at my own blog, Simply Left Behind where I discuss news stories that you might have missed during the week. Sometimes, I’ll suspend the usual format for a rant or an in-depth observation. This is one such time.)

I wish to make the […]

Out Of The Rubble

Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!

Looking over the reactions of the more principal names of the blogosphere, it seems that Tuesday’s results were both unexpected and terrifying.

It’s not like there weren’t warnings: Nate Silver, for instance, has called nearly all 50 states (waitin’ on ya, Florida!) almost precisely, and certainly precisely enough […]

Never. In. Doubt.

I’m not sure when it was I decided that Obama could not lose this race, but I do know the first time I dared say it out loud. It was when the GOP started running the Iowa caucuses back in August, 2011, and Michele Bachman won the first go-round in a straw poll. It […]

Kremlin-Backed Report: Today’s U.S. Elections Won’t Be Free or Fair

Perhaps that’ll teach the American government not to criticize Russia’s electoral process!

The Atlantic

The U.S. presidential election will be neither free nor fair, and President Barack Obama will win a second term in office thanks to an election campaign marred by violations. That’s according to a new report commissioned by Russia’s Central Election Commission, […]

Reality v. Misperception

Reality: Barack Obama will win the Presidential election by a comfortable margin. My prediction is 305 electoral votes and perhaps +3% in the popular voting. Misperception: This is a close race, and Mitt Romney will win the popular vote but will lose in a squeaker in the Electoral College. Ummmm, no. This is clearly a […]

A Sense Of Perspective

It’s been interesting reading the national press coverage of Sandy. I haven’t had much opportunity to review what you all have been saying about us behind our backs until this morning.

I like that Romney’s bullshit about FEMA has come back to haunt him and that the bold and brave words he spoke in the […]

The progressive case against Obama

Bottom line: The president is complicit in creating an increasingly unequal — and unjust — society, By Matt Stoller, October 27

A few days ago, I participated in a debate with the legendary antiwar dissident Daniel Ellsberg on Huffington Post live on the merits of the Obama administration, and what progressives should do on […]

Colin Powell tells it as it is.



If Mitt Romney believed he could credibly pull off being both a statesman and a Teatard, well, I’ve got some used horses to sell the army:

Republican Mitt Romney entered Monday night’s debate on foreign policy with the goal of presenting himself as a competent, plausible alternative to President Obama as commander in chief.