The United Kingdom Nearly Died for Margaret Thatcher’s Sins

The Scots got sick and tired of Thatcherite policies imposed from London.

The American Prospect, By Robert Kuttner, September 23

Why on earth did the Scots, largely quiescent as part of Great Britain for three centuries, suddenly become the mouse that roared?

It wasn’t because they became besotted watching re-runs of Braveheart or Rob Roy, […]

Scotland votes ‘No’ to Independence

BBC – How the ‘No’ side won the referendum

1. They were always the favorites 2. The Scottish feel British 3. The risk factor 4. They stemmed the “yes” surge 5. For richer, for poorer?

Details of these theories at the BBC link

Scotland Independent? Three men went into a burr…


The Independent

Weekend Jukebox: Scotland

With the vote over independence coming up in Scotland next week…

Roy Williamson (Corries) wrote what may become the Scots anthem.


Pope considering response to alleged ‘inappropriate acts’ by UK cardinal

Vatican confirms priests’ written allegations against Cardinal Keith O’Brien have been received and issue is in pontiff’s hands

The Guardian, By Severin Carrell, Catherine Deveney, John Hooper and Sam Jones, February 24

Pope Benedict XVI is considering how to respond after being told about allegations that the UK’s most senior Catholic has been accused of […]

Tantalising Tuesday

‘sede vacante’ continues… Yum but Oh dear. Grand Mistresses of the Amazon Young men who look like a Muslim should not fly Thailand says Al-Qaeda & Salafist terrorist groups may attack US consulate “Mr Beans” £910,000.00 F1 rebuild Scottish independence will need international jurisprudence 9 years ago meet al Ikhbariya Obama rebukes North Korea over […]

Cameron Sets 2017 date for rump-British referendum on EU exit

From the Guardian:

David Cameron will on Wednesday set a deadline to hold an in-out referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union by the end of 2017 as he hardens his position on the issue that has bedevilled Tory leaders for a quarter of a century.

To the delight of Eurosceptics, the prime […]

Scottish Independence: How Unionist Kevin McKenna Learned to Love It

Unionist Kevin McKenna has (almost) seen the light — and is speaking gospel — re: Scottish independence:

Last year, over coffee in Glasgow, I was discussing the strategy of the Better Together camp with a prominent Labour politician. I suggested to him that Labour’s problem in Scotland is that they had to develop a […]

A Racist Libel

In case you were wondering, over in Scotland the grassroots campaign for a “No to Independence” vote is getting ugly, and racist. Horribly, Labour Party stalwarts are leading the nastiest attacks, fearing that Independence will destroy their power in Scotland. Wings Over Scotland has the details, and an excellent comments thread.

The folks at Wings […]

Hogmanay Party Jukebox

In Scotland we call New Year’s “Hogmanay” and it is the occasion for the world’s biggest annual party. If you sober up before the 2nd, you’re doing it wrong. I’d like you all to join me in hoisting a glass or two of “the cratur” – scotch to you – as we toast the new […]

From Dunblane to Newtown, Yellow Roses And More

Reuters went to Dunblane, the affluent and sleepy Scottish town that awoke on a horrid day in 1996 to its own massacre of tiny children:

On March 13, 1996, a gunman walked into the gymnasium of a primary school in the close-knit cathedral town and shot dead 16 children and their teacher before turning the […]

How the world of Eton sees Scotland and Scottish Independence

by Gerry Hassan

(Originally posted by openDemocracy, republished under a Creative Commons license)

The name of Eton resonates down through English tradition and privilege: from the Dave ‘n’ Boris show to the wider return of the old Etonians across public life.

It has produced nineteen British Prime Ministers and a host of Scottish and […]

Numptie Alert

Apparently the most popular article at FP magazine right now is “The Battle For Britain“, in which Alex Massie, a right-leaning Scot who writes for The Spectator and dearly wishes he was English proves he’s a blethering hack by suggesting that the decline of the British Empire is what has fuelled Scottish cries for independence […]

Guess where they’re pledging to help the poor more & to build out of recession

The middle class aren’t hurting nearly as much as the poor, not that you’d know it from the frequency of those two descriptions in US presidential debates. But hey, in the US the poor tend not to vote because they know neither party’s apparatchiks give a toss about them.

Not so in Scotland, where the […]

Scottish Leader Blasts London’s “Lord Snooties”

In a speech to the Scottish national party conference, party leader and First Minister of the devolved Scottish parliament hit out at the chinless wonders running all three main Westminister political parties, calling them “Lord Snooties” – a reference to an upper-class character in a British children’s comic.

The First Minister used his speech to […]