Why Poverty Happens to Good People

Lesson to learn — it’s usually not their fault. Case in point:

Donald Cardin became a firefighter at age 20 in Central Falls, R.I., a town just north of Providence that filed for bankruptcy in 2011. He was making $60,000 a year as a fire chief before retiring at age 42 in 2007 to take […]

A Sensible Reform To Social Security

In the wake of the fiscal bump in the road, much was left undone in fixing the economy while paying down some of the outstanding debt. A lot of trial balloons are being floated, and I want to focus on one for now: Social Security. […]

Nobody Asked Me, But…

The Year In Review (stories you may have missed because you were out snorting blow and banging hookers) 1) Along with the alleged fiscal cliff comes a real financial cliff. The farm bill also expires at December 31, and failure to pass a new one will drive dairy prices into the stratosphere. Good government advocates […]

Hit by crisis, Greek society in free-fall

AP, By Elena Becatoros

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — A sign taped to a wall in an Athens hospital appealed for civility from patients. “The doctors on duty have been unpaid since May,” it read, “Please respect their work.”

Patients and their relatives glanced up briefly and moved on, hardened to such messages of gloom. In […]

One-third of Americans say they need to work into their 80s

Salon, By Natasha Lennard

Nearly one-third of Americans say they plan to work into their 80s since they can’t afford to retire earlier, according to a Harris Institute survey.

As Bonnie Kavoussi noted in the Huffington Post, “Retirement is becoming an unaffordable luxury for a growing number of middle-class Americans.” She attributes the increasing inability […]