Pretty Embarassing

If you hadn’t heard, World Cup host nation Brazil had its dreams shattered last evening.


Belmont Stakes

For those that might not have noticed, there’s an important horse race to be run today at Belmont Park, New York.

To begin, California Chrome has a chance to win the Triple Crown, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since 1978. This entails winning three consecutive races against the best three year-old Thoroughbreds in the […]


Canadian women’s team pulls off most sensational Olympic hockey victory ever

Putin On The Fritz

Well, we’re literally days away from the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics, and Vladimir Putin is starting to see his chickens come home to roost:

The Olympic teams of Germany, Hungary and Italy said Wednesday that they had received emails threatening attacks at the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, adding to […]

Sports As Politics

Don’t let anyone tell you that sports isn’t political. Sports is always political.


Imma Guess the Olympics Has Claimed Another Victory

Now if we can only get Putin to change his mind about teh gheys:

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s parliament on Wednesday passed an amnesty bill that will likely apply to the 30-member crew of a Greenpeace ship detained after an Arctic protest, but it wasn’t immediately clear if and when the activists would be allowed […]

Sochi Agonists

I’m on the fence about boycotting the Sochi Olympics next year over the LGBT punishments handed out by Vladimir Putin and the Russian government.

I can certainly see the point of making a boycott, withdrawing our athletes over treating anyone as subhuman – altho it’s interesting that many of the people rallying for a boycott […]

Diana Nyad swims from Cuba to Key West


Denial is more than a river running through NFL headquarters

When word broke that ESPN was unexpectedly and belatedly ending its involvement with PBS’s Frontline on a pair of documentaries investigating head injuries in football, ESPN swore up and down it had nothing to do with keeping the NFL happy. According to a report in today’s New York Times, that was a bold-faced lie. ESPN’s […]

Picture This

It’s January in the South. Two teams are gearing up to play a professional football playoff game, the semi-finals. The winner gets bragging rights to be the conference champion. The host city spent billions in taxpayer dollars on a stadium to keep the team local. Worldwide television is covering the game, Tens of thousands of […]

The Old Ball Game

This is pretty sad, if you’re a baseball fan:

Major League Baseball will seek to suspend about 20 players connected to the Miami-area clinic at the heart of an ongoing performance-enhancing drug scandal, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, possibly within the next few weeks, “Outside the Lines” has learned. If the suspensions are upheld, […]

Keep your cool Though you can’t see what’s in front of you

Some random thoughts on the Boston bombing yesterday:

– Road running is about as egalitarian a sport as there is. All you need is — well, I was going to say a pair of sneakers, but you don’t even need that. Or feet. But most people can do it for free, with minimal equipment. That […]

Nauseating Development

Folks outside of New York – hell, folks outside of Queens – are probably not aware of the Flushing Meadow Park, except in snippets they’ve seen on the TeeVee during the US Open or perhaps NY Mets baseball games. It is the largest park in Queens, spanning nearly 1,300 acres, […]

She Gives A Kick

An historic event occured over the weekend, and I’m betting you didn’t even hear about it. The NFL allowed a woman to try out for the first time in professional football. By all accounts, it did not go well:

[Lauren] Silberman kicked only twice. They were two kickoffs for a total of 30 yards. Only […]

Lance Armstrong Interview: Dave Zirin Rips Fauxpology (VIDEO)

Is there anyone out there who thinks that Lance Armstrong’s now-infamous attempt to “seize the narrative” about his not-so-secret history of doping (and douchebaggery) was a success? The Nation’s Dave Zirin talks with Current TV’s John Fugelsang about the Oprah-facilitated Armstrong interview: “[Armstrong] actually reminded people not what they liked about him, he actually […]