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Gloom and Doom

I’ve been accused of being a doomer. Perhaps.

Allow me to state my case. I fully expect my argument to anger some of you. (Wonder how many Facebook “friends” will disappear? Oh well…)



Jacking off will make you go blind

My mind wanders while milking cows. I think of all the things going on in the world. Wars, everywhere, it seems.

People are going bat-shit insane around the world. Looking for someone to blame: invading Latin Americans. Moslem terrorists. Christian terrorists. Jewish terrorists. Republicans. Democrats…. (Must be the goddamned Democrats.)

Soccer games devolve into riots. [...]

American exceptionalism

I should be out working already.

I should have written more lately.

But I am not and I did not.

The work thing: I’m getting old and wearing out. Stress takes its toll. Nature waits on no one, but the day comes when you get left behind.

Writing: I think of one subject after another [...]

The PIIGS and MMT – An Exit Strategy for German Financial Colonies

This essay assumes the reader has some knowledge of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). For a primer on MMT please refer here.

Taking Ireland as an example, how would Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) fix the Problem?


Gabriel García Márquez | 1927-2014

Exuberant Master of Magic Realism

NYT -Gabriel García Márquez, the Colombian novelist, whose “One Hundred Years of Solitude” established him as a giant of 20th-century literature, died on Thursday at his home in Mexico City.

Oops- Another obit posted previously by Raja in Newswire.

Michael Ruppert commits suicide

Michael Ruppert, author of Crossing the Rubicon took his own life with a gunshot to the head Sunday night.

Cheering for the home team

If cheering for the home team, right or wrong, is the rule, then I am a bad example. If hoarding during times of want becomes the rule, then toss me from the protected zone. There will be no protected zone for those who lose empathy for others.

Down Or Out

The world in general and America in particular often seems like a house whose owners can no longer maintain it. It just gets more and more messy and run down as time passes. They know that eventually the roof will fall in but they neither fix it nor move out.

I’m sure my outlook [...]

Vietnam today is the country we wanted it to become.

I recently returned from two weeks in Vietnam. I hadn’t been to Vietnam since my “Uncle” sent me there in 1970. I’ve been to Thailand 20 times since 1978, so I’m not unfamiliar with Southeast Asia, and on the same trip, I spent 5 weeks in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

Vietnam today is the country [...]

We are sick

I’ve written little of late. It’s not that I don’t feel the need, but instead that it pains me so much to say what needs to be said. I am disgusted, dismayed and appalled by the direction my country has taken, the bluster and blunder of our leaders, facsimiles of honorable men and women from [...]

East of Eden

It’s early. The rain sounds harder than it actually is on the tin roof of our home. But the noise was enough to startle me out of slumber and into the cold. A worker left a battery charger connected to a manure spreader truck and I feared water might ruin the charger. So off [...]

Ariel Sharon – Coming and Going

Arial Sharon – Coming and Going. Finally.

    I stumbled across this on Open Culture today. It is long (53+ minutes) and the final version will be longer still. It is horrific to the point of emotional numbness. If you cannot watch it entirely, I understand, but I would suggest you at least try, if only [...]

Choices – Wrong Forking Road

Having arrived at Agonist in December ’09, I missed the early years, so I’ve been reading a lot of the Random Posts that show up in the lower left sidebar. Given the incessant barrage of Newsertainment and Infomercials that inundate us daily, it’s remarkable we are able to turn it off long enough to [...]

House of Cards

On contemplating some recent posts and comments thereon, I’ve been thinking again about how deeply entangled our lives are in the Great American Lifestyle.