Matt Savinar radio interview

I was the subject of a radio interview a week or so ago, just before the release of the movie, Kill the Messenger, about the late Gary Webb. Listen to the interview here.

Jukebox: Glen Campbell’s Farewell

…but we will miss you, Glen

Friday’s Jukebox early…

Brands Are Scanning Your Selfies And Party Photos To Look For Their Logos

Consumerist, By Laura Northrup, October 10

Let’s say that you’re a brand, like Nabisco or the North Face, and you want to see what people are saying about you online. You could do a text search of Facebook and Twitter, but that’s soooo 2009, and you can’t guarantee that people will always label the photos [...]

Carolyn Kizer, Pulitzer-Winning Poet, Dies at 89

NYT – Carolyn Kizer, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet whose verse, overtly political and bitingly satirical, came, as she fondly put it, with “a sting in the tail,” died on Thursday in Sonoma, Calif. She was 89. The cause was complications of dementia.Ms. Kizer’s first collection, “The Ungrateful Garden,” published in 1961, left little doubt [...]

Crypto wars redux: why the FBI’s desire to unlock your private life must be resisted

In 1995, the US government tried – and failed – to categorise encryption as a weapon. Today, the same lines are being drawn and the same tactics repeated as the FBI wants to do the same. Here’s why they are wrong, and why they must fail again.

The Guardian, By Cory Doctorow, October 9

Eric [...]

More Ian Welsh: “Why the Economy is Bad for Most People and Getting Worse”

From Ian’s October 6 blog entry : This is the second collation of articles on why our world is what it is, and how we can change it. Some of these articles are old, as I don’t write as much as I used to about economics because the decision points for avoiding a completely lousy [...]

War of the Gods

Back in 2006, I was reading a web site that had posted a news-link to a story about the slaughter of a dozen Muslim adherents in Africa by a group of Christians. The slaughter was alleged to be reprisal for an earlier massacre of Christians by Muslims. The poster of the article decried the hypocrisy [...]

Ian Welsh: “The Role of Character and Ideology in Prosperity”

From Ian’s October 2 blog entry: I will be starting a new series on technology and its effect on society. Before I do so I want to take readers through some of my previous writing on ideology and character, and how they help form the societies we live in. Taking the time to read [...]

The silence is deafening: calling out musicians

Original here.

During the lead-up to Dubya’s war in Iraq, I found myself allied with strange bedfellows, so to speak: Democrats and the like, who opposed obvious lies and deceptions foisted upon the American public to lead us into war.

Among more vocal opponents were musicians whose work I gobbled up with glee.


Art has the power to change the world

Some cool images here.

Scotland Independent? Three men went into a burr…


The Independent

The Snail’s Progress – Part 2

Among the things I discovered while rummaging through my stockpile of possessions are samples of my high school course-work. There are course outlines, some class notes and hand-outs, but most surprising are the term-papers and essays. I have assorted papers from several subjects including government, creative writing, history and English. For my English classes, I [...]

How Democracy Dies

Tocqueville taught that restless private obsessions would degrade civic commitments close to home.

The American Conservative, By Patrick J. Deneen, September 12

If there are two things that one is likely to hear from college faculty today, they are that 1. Students are too careerist, and 2. We need a more democratic society. They worry [...]

The Snail’s Progress

Over the past few weeks I have been sifting through old possessions. You see, I finally realized I have stored too much of my past. Combined with my wife’s and my son’s possessions, the total volume of old stuff chokes out any possibility of living space in our house. We live not so much in [...]

Did Someone Say Cockleburs?


   Some time ago, I wrote a post entitled Cockleburs of Culture and later added [...]