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The Jehoshua Novels

Monday Misogyny

Steph Harman : ““When I heard Julia Gillard’s parliamentary speech addressing misogyny, it struck me that behind the politics there was a lot of personal feeling being communicated,” writes composer Rob Davidson, in the description which accompanies this delicious treat. “I wanted to put a frame around this slice of time, to heighten my [...]

Cyclone Ian demolishes some areas of Tonga – An historic Tongan town of 2000 people has been left in ruins by one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the South Pacific and the fate of another 5000 people nearby is still uncertain.

Pangai, the administrative centre of the Ha’apai group and built around a Catholic Church, has lost most [...]

Nuclear Savage

U.S. Human Radiation Experiments Covered Up by Public Broadcasting

Reader Supported News

Warning Sign

“The bomb will not start a chain reaction in the water, converting it all to gas and letting all the ships on all the oceans drop down to the bottom. It will not blow out the bottom of the sea [...]

ASIO raids in Canberra

The political climate in Canberra just got even hotter. Over the past weeks Australia has upset Indonesia, China and Timor Leste. East Timor has learnt that Australia basically used “insider trading” to negotiate the 2004 oil treaty. Alexander Downer the foreign minister back in the day muddles on. More background.

Timor Leste has taken Australia [...]

Trans-Pacific Partnership problems

5 scary provisions in the trans Pacific partnership wikileaks, leak.

As usual freedoms and benefits are not so free.

On Cattle, People and spy vs spy

Almost 1 million Australian cattle are needed annually in Indonesia to feed the population.

Meanwhile 100+ people each week attempt access to Australia via people smugglers in Indonesia. Recently elected Aussie PM Abbott promised to stop the boats now Indonesia says NO!

OOOOOPPPPPPS! Australian intelligence bragged to the USA on successful spying on the [...]

Australian Defence Department under scrutiny over NSW bushfires – The Rural Fire Service says the Defence Department has been fully cooperative amid claims an Army training exercise caused the state’s largest blaze.

An RFS investigation has found that live ordnance training last week at Marangaroo caused the State Mine Fire near Lithgow, which has now burnt almost 50,000 hectares and destroyed at [...]

Bird flu quarantine in place around infected poultry farm – Thousands of chickens could be put down after an outbreak of avian influenza (bird flu) in central-west New South Wales.

The Langfield Pastoral Company (LPC) property which houses 400,000 layer chooks in infected with the H7 strain, which is not the highly pathogenic H5N1 strain that kills humans.

A neighbouring poultry farm is [...]

Wrapping it up

Ayu Pastika, the wife of Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, proudly shows off the endek cloth exclusively designed for US President Barack Obama.

Shame he is unable to attend APEC. China meanwhile is not party to TPP.

Axe comes down on climate body

The Age (AU), By Tom Arup and Peter Hannam, September 20

The Abbott government has swiftly set about abolishing Labor-era climate institutions, shutting the door at the Climate Commission and beginning the process to axe other bodies.

A day after being sworn in, Environment Minister Greg Hunt on Thursday called chief climate commissioner Professor Tim [...]

Whither Julian Assange? And many other weird Australian election events…..

Perhaps not noticeably absent from the G20 summit, is the incoming country taking over presidency of the group: Australia! But, then again, maybe it has been queried.

Apart from the non-appearance of Kevin Rudd at the G20 due to the Australian national election on Saturday, the other interesting persona is Julian Assange who has mounted [...]

Re-figuring refugees

Former Australian Immigration minister Chris Bowen voiced in 2011 that Australia should accept more refugees. Upto 20,000 a year. With a looming election he, as Australian treasurer, now claims Australia accepts more per head of population than other countries. Australia’s population is around 23 million.

This didn’t sit well with me.

So I checked Lebanon: [...]

Australia dumps unpopular carbon tax

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd plans to bring forward emissions trading scheme in policy overhaul ahead of election.

Al Jazeera, July 16

Australia’s government has moved to scrap its carbon tax and bring forward an emissions trading scheme a year earlier than planned.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said on Tuesday that he wanted the fixed price [...]

Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia, again.

Ever increasing ongoing leadership speculation led Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to call a leadership spill, this Wednesday evening Australian time. Kevin Rudd strode into the caucus room alone, but the final vote show that he had the numbers. Two huge ego’s final showdown with the loser leaving Australian politics.

Was Andrea Barbara?

It’s my belief that Andrea was Barbara. Is anyone else out there following the start of the Hurricane season. Did you watch Barbara spawn in the Eastern Pacific around May 29th, cross over southern Mexico, and then appear to expire as a weak circle of clouds in the Gulf of Mexico around the 31st of [...]