LEAKED: Secret Negotiations to Let Big Brother Go Global

The ugly ramifications of the Trade in Services Act (TiSA)

Wolf Street, By Don Quijones, December 25

Much has been written, at least in the alternative media, about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), two multilateral trade treaties being negotiated between the representatives of dozens of national governments […]

Obama hopes to enlist GOP in push for trade pact, despite Democratic resistance

Washington Post, By David Nakamura, December 26

President Obama is preparing a major push on a vast free trade zone that seeks to enlist Republicans as partners and test his premise that Washington can still find common ground on major initiatives.

It also will test his willingness to buck his own party in pursuit of […]

Australia PM Abbott wants indigenous referendum in 2017

Australian PM Tony Abbott has vowed to “sweat blood” to secure constitutional recognition for indigenous people, saying he wants a referendum in 2017.

BBC, December 13

But Mr Abbott said he would not rush with the date until he was confident the referendum would succeed.

To be passed, the change must be backed by a […]

CSIRO to lose ‘one-fifth of staff’

THE national science agency will have lost over one-fifth of its workforce by June, staff claim, following two years of cost-cutting by both political parties.

The Australian, November 26

A new analysis has found that CSIRO will lose almost 800 jobs this financial year, roughly doubling the cuts announced this week by the ABC.

The […]

The Forgotten Coup

How America and Britain Crushed the Government of Their “Ally” Australia

Counterpunch, By John Pilger, October 23

Across the political and media elite in Australia, a silence has descended on the memory of the great, reforming prime minister Gough Whitlam, who has died. His achievements are recognised, if grudgingly, his mistakes noted in false sorrow. […]

Vatican has refused to reveal all, royal commission head declares

Justice Peter McClellan says the Vatican maintains that requests for all information regarding every case are not appropriate

AP, July 4

The Vatican has told the child sex abuse royal commission that it will not hand over all information about members of its clergy who abused children in Australia.

The commission chairman, Justice Peter McClellan, […]

Rate of deforestation in Indonesia overtakes Brazil, says study

Indonesia lost 840,000 hectares of forest in 2012 compared to 460,000 hectares in Brazil, despite its forest being a quarter the size of the Amazon rainforest.

The Guardian, By John Vidal, June 29

Indonesia has greatly under-reported how much primary rainforest it is cutting down, according to the government’s former head of forestry data gathering.


Cats from around the world

Friday Catblogging.

This is one of only four cats I saw whilst travelling around the two main islands of Samoa. I put the scarcity of cats down to the ubiquitous packs of hungry skinny dogs that are roaming and howling all over the islands. I note that the government is finally acting on the […]

Monday Misogyny

Steph Harman : ““When I heard Julia Gillard’s parliamentary speech addressing misogyny, it struck me that behind the politics there was a lot of personal feeling being communicated,” writes composer Rob Davidson, in the description which accompanies this delicious treat. “I wanted to put a frame around this slice of time, to heighten my […]

Cyclone Ian demolishes some areas of Tonga

stuff.co.nz – An historic Tongan town of 2000 people has been left in ruins by one of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the South Pacific and the fate of another 5000 people nearby is still uncertain.

Pangai, the administrative centre of the Ha’apai group and built around a Catholic Church, has lost most […]

Nuclear Savage

U.S. Human Radiation Experiments Covered Up by Public Broadcasting

Reader Supported News

Warning Sign

“The bomb will not start a chain reaction in the water, converting it all to gas and letting all the ships on all the oceans drop down to the bottom. It will not blow out the bottom of the sea […]

ASIO raids in Canberra

The political climate in Canberra just got even hotter. Over the past weeks Australia has upset Indonesia, China and Timor Leste. East Timor has learnt that Australia basically used “insider trading” to negotiate the 2004 oil treaty. Alexander Downer the foreign minister back in the day muddles on. More background.

Timor Leste has taken Australia […]

Trans-Pacific Partnership problems

5 scary provisions in the trans Pacific partnership wikileaks, leak.

As usual freedoms and benefits are not so free.

On Cattle, People and spy vs spy

Almost 1 million Australian cattle are needed annually in Indonesia to feed the population.

Meanwhile 100+ people each week attempt access to Australia via people smugglers in Indonesia. Recently elected Aussie PM Abbott promised to stop the boats now Indonesia says NO!

OOOOOPPPPPPS! Australian intelligence bragged to the USA on successful spying on the […]

Australian Defence Department under scrutiny over NSW bushfires

ABC.net.au – The Rural Fire Service says the Defence Department has been fully cooperative amid claims an Army training exercise caused the state’s largest blaze.

An RFS investigation has found that live ordnance training last week at Marangaroo caused the State Mine Fire near Lithgow, which has now burnt almost 50,000 hectares and destroyed at […]