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The Jehoshua Novels

Holy Jukebox, Batman

Have a Joyful Easter

Weekend Jukebox: It’s Elemental…

Hopefully, unfussy music on simple, important elements of our lives.

If that doesn’t appeal to you musically, give us what does.

Post away…..

Wave Bye Bye by Jesse Winchester

RIP Jesse, who died Friday.

Winchester, a war resister, made a life for himself in Canada in 1967, but came back to the US to work [...]

Jukebox: Really Open Thread

Since I’ll be out of town tomorrow, figured I’d post this a bit early.

If That Ain’t Country – David Allan Coe


Saturday Jukebox II: More Nostalgia

This has been an earworm for me since I first heard it circa 1964 at the Night Owl Cafe in Greenwich Village, his only gig there.

Last Thing On My Mind – Tom Paxton

Saturday Jukebox: Nostalgia

Pretty much an open thread – wherever your past takes you.

Begin the Beguine – Ella

Weekend Jukebox II : more ”I’m such a fool in love- oh, give me money !”

Weekend Jukebox :”I’m such a fool in love- oh, give me money !”

All outta themes for this week, so-

Any music, any genre- with at least one of those words in the title

Note- this thread is now closed for new comments – will open overflow . Old comments here

(Thread closed, add new songs here)


Dr. John: “Such a night”


Saturday Jukebox: Erin go bragh!

Moonshiner – Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem


Saturday Jukebox: Movin’ On

Weekend Jukebox: American Music, Black History

Two takes on US Black History Month:

- Early 20th century black historian Carter Woodson: Teaching black history is essential for the physical and intellectual survival of the race – “If a race has no history, it has no worthwhile tradition, it becomes a negligible factor in the thought of the world, and it [...]

A Whole New Meaning To Classic Rock!

Because you all know Amadeus never rocked out like this!

Cross-posted at Guy Andrew Hall

Saturday Morning Jukebox

Back in the early 90′s, after I’d been fired from my factory job and had managed to find a job driving for a treatment center, I stumbled upon KJJO 102 FM, Minnesota’s first alternative music station. I would listen to it as I drove from the treatment center, which was just outside Pine City, MN [...]


Sometimes the cover is better than the original. And this proves that technical prowess and virtuoso is nothing compared to telling a story with emotion. Johnny Cash exceeded at both.

If you’re not close to crying after listening to this, you’re heartless.

This is cross-posted from Guy Andrew [...]

What I’m Listening To

Listening to Johnny Cash on Spotify right now. I’m really glad I decided to pay the $10 something a month for the service. I’ve found some great music that is not playing on the radio in my market.

What are you all listening to?

Saturday Jukebox – Just the Right Amount of Wrong.

Thanks to the Cosmopolitan for the idea: Just the Right Amount of Wrong. (Yes, some comped nights would be nice!)

With a nod to Sochi 2014: