Weekend Jukebox: The morning after the night before

Any genre, any story, any outcome.

Bear in mind that there are a lot of hangovers after the Referendum today, including mine. So be kind if you can

Post away !   Hangover cure for this morning after:

1. Pop wake-up from The Ting Tings – “That’s Not My Name”



Weekend Jukebox: Scotland

With the vote over independence coming up in Scotland next week…

Roy Williamson (Corries) wrote what may become the Scots anthem.


Jukebox: Labor Day Weekend

Plenty of places to go. Post away!

I’ll start with: 1. The Beatles: Penny Lane Not usually thought of a work song, but it is one for me.



Jukebox: In Light Of What’s Happening

In light of the what’s happening here: Will the Circle be Unbroken

In light of what’s happening on the border: La Bamba – Richie Valens

In light of the return of the Cold War of 1950s    Ain’t That A Shame    Cry Me A River    Shake, Rattle & Roll


Wherein I Have . . .

. . . random thoughts on post-modernism.

Album Jukebox

The seventies were when I discovered albums. Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Led Zepplin IV. Fantasia. I have no idea now of what the album was called but another teenage favorite was Woody Guthrie. Youtube has this Best of – 34 of his songs. I also regularly played Holst: The Planets, [...]

Weekend Jukebox: Laid Back

The Eagles


or Jimmy Buffett

Thursday Night and Beyond… Jukebox: Water & Wine

OK, Agonistas- this week has been beyond horrible- every single story of ours since the last Jukebox, every news outlet, every blog site – look at them, look at us! Sometimes that world’s just too much to take nonstop.

So though the regular Jukebox usually kicks in on Saturday, a special early one to help [...]

Weekend Jukebox: Weird

Just to get it out of the way… Word Crimes – Weird Al

Also funny

…Alien Music

…rather spooky

Weekend Jukebox- Third Person: triangles, real or imagined

Rules this week: – The first ten comments will have the music embedded- after that, probably not-we’ll see how the thread loads. Trying to determine whether any additional appeal of embed justifies effort. Editors’ posts will be left however they submit them.

– Any ranting at other’s music choices will be expunged.:-). . After all [...]

Jukebox: America – for better or worse

The Boss

Lakota Thunder

Links from here on please, to keep the thread from getting too slow.   Cheech   Neil Diamond  

SPK’s listening to this.

Weekend Jukebox: MidSummer/Nights/Dream

Post away on any or all this brings to mind – and enjoy before the long days are gone:

1. “Midsummer” -The Swedes have it as a national holiday, and along with building fertility poles, the Swedes jump around like little frogs, singing “SmÃ¥ grodorna”. No shame in just sampling a bit of it.


Jukebox II: Deja Vu Deja Vu

(Jukebox I: Weekend Jukebox: Deja Vu all over again, again)

Weekend Jukebox: Deja Vu all over again, again

h/t Tina Personal or political, past or present,any genre, but especially dedicated to “Dick” Cheney. . Won’t get fooled again, will we?

Post away!

Hank Snow: A Fool Such as I


Weekend Jukebox: More Booze