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Weekend Jukebox- Australia!

Liking it, hiking it missing it, living in it, loving in it- whatever comes to mind. I keep waiting, but Graham never does this theme…

Men at Work : Down Under

The Sundowners Bush Band: Bound for Botany Bay

Dylan? No…. (complete lyrics at source)
Paul Kelly: From Little Things Big Things Grow
together with Albert’s Monologue

The Kinks: Victoria :-)
(Until last year, wrongly thought(why?) it was about the Aussie state Victoria, not the whole Victorian Empire. So it qualifies, sort of)

Oops! Dup Weekend Jukebox: Songs that got us through this winter

Editor snafu/
gives Agonists two to post to.:-)

It’s all good. No need to agonize. If it makes you all feel too schizoid, I can take it away until the end of the weekend.

There’s Steeleweed’s Jukebox thread to vent our rage at useless wars.

“guilty pleasures” encouraged in this second thread.
I survived with songs that got me up in the morning- ballads not so much
What about you?

1. Mott the Hoople: All the Way from Memphis

2. Courtney Barnett: Avant Gardener
3. Paul Simon: So Beautiful or So what?
4. anything by the Decembrists: Wrong Year
5. The Chieftains- with the Rolling Stones: The Rocky Road to Dublin”