Weekend Jukebox: What becomes of… ? and other questions

Not sure what the theme is? Make one up…

RIP Jimmy Ruffin: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?


Nina Simone: “Someone To Watch Over Me”

Everly Bros, Mark Knopfler, Chet Atkins: “Why Worry?”

Weekend Jukebox: Just Droppin’ a Nickel in the Juke…,

horses are fed…, dogs are in…, cold out…, warm inside…, Blue Rodeo: 5 Days in May

Jukebox: Sometimes you really need a song

In a spirit of bitter irony…


Weekend Jukebox: Foolishness — Lucinda Williams

With all the apparent ills and impending doom in this world, our worst enemy can be paralyzing fear. At some point, the symptom becomes the disease. It has afflicted me of late. Lucinda Williams sings a song on her latest that helps heal my wounded weary soul.

Jukebox: Glen Campbell’s Farewell

…but we will miss you, Glen

Friday’s Jukebox early…

Weekend Jukebox: Cleaning and clearing up

Last week’s theme sank like a stone….time to give imitation a shot.

Part of this week’s theme is from an old Guardian “readers recommend” list – they have hundreds. (extra points for not using that as a crutch).

Or post any song that you can’t keep out of your head…


Betty Wright: “The […]

Weekend Jukebox: The Universe – with or without us

Part or whole, end or beginning, slice or dice it. Only connect… !

Saturday Update – I see that in trying to get in “the whole wide world”, I have violated the law of “list” threads:

the narrower the topic, the easier it is to think of music about it. I have made this […]

Weekend Jukebox: Dealing with a**holes

We’ll start off with the ladies…

Weekend Jukebox: The morning after the night before

Any genre, any story, any outcome.

Bear in mind that there are a lot of hangovers after the Referendum today, including mine. So be kind if you can

Post away !   Hangover cure for this morning after:

1. Pop wake-up from The Ting Tings – “That’s Not My Name”



Weekend Jukebox: Scotland

With the vote over independence coming up in Scotland next week…

Roy Williamson (Corries) wrote what may become the Scots anthem.


Jukebox: Labor Day Weekend

Plenty of places to go. Post away!

I’ll start with: 1. The Beatles: Penny Lane Not usually thought of a work song, but it is one for me.



Jukebox: In Light Of What’s Happening

In light of the what’s happening here: Will the Circle be Unbroken

In light of what’s happening on the border: La Bamba – Richie Valens

In light of the return of the Cold War of 1950s    Ain’t That A Shame    Cry Me A River    Shake, Rattle & Roll


Wherein I Have . . .

. . . random thoughts on post-modernism.

Album Jukebox

The seventies were when I discovered albums. Rick Wakeman’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Led Zepplin IV. Fantasia. I have no idea now of what the album was called but another teenage favorite was Woody Guthrie. Youtube has this Best of – 34 of his songs. I also regularly played Holst: The Planets, […]

Weekend Jukebox: Laid Back

The Eagles


or Jimmy Buffett