Friday Cat Blogging – Scottish Independence!

What could have been:


Ig Nobels: British researchers take coveted science humour prize

The Guardian, By Ian Sample, September 18

The nation can hold its head up high. Once again, researchers in Britain have been honoured with that most coveted of scientific awards, the Ig Nobel prize.

Not to be confused with the more prestigious – and lucrative – prizes doled out from Stockholm next month, the Ig [...]

Wherein I Have . . .

. . . random thoughts on post-modernism.

Reebok jumps on Paleo bandwagon with its own brand of bacon

Washington Post, By Marissa Payne, August 1

The phrase “tastes like shoe leather” is about to get a whole new, much more delicious meaning thanks to Reebok. The athletic clothing and footwear company has came out with its own bacon during the Reebok-sponsored CrossFit Games, which took place last month just outside of Los Angeles.


Ikea funds went to Romanian secret police in communist era

Secret police files reveal six-figure payments to Ceausescu’s henchmen, as retailer denies knowingly paying Securitate.

The Guardian, By Matei Rosca, July 4

Bucharest – Romania’s brutal communist-era secret police received covert six-figure payments from Ikea as part of the Swedish group’s deals with a local furniture manufacturer in the 1980s, according to documents obtained by [...]

“… even a dog knows the difference…,”

“between being stumbled over…, and being kicked.” Quote from Bill Hightower on Bill Moyers.

Some of the other animals among us aren’t that perceptive.

Unfortunately…, Hightower is also right about something else:

JIM HIGHTOWER: Well, as, there will be blood, I think. There will be heads bludgeoned.

Here’s the link: Jim Hightower – on Bill [...]

4th of July Essay by Bill Moyers

Well worth your time to read this one from Bill…, a look back at why we are celebrating today…, and what we need to do if we want to continue to celebrate it in the future.

No video…, just the essay at Celebrate the Revoulution–And Keep It Going

Here are a few teasers:

On this [...]

Belgian court rules that brothel can not be named after Dominique Strauss Kahn

AFP, June 30

Brussels – A Belgian court on Monday barred a renowned pimp from naming his latest venture “DSK”, the initials of disgraced former IMF chief Dominique Strauss Kahn who filed the suit.

The pimp, Dominique Alderweireld or “Dodo la Saumure”, is linked to sex parties attended by Strauss-Kahn and dubbed his latest brothel [...]

‘Unprecedented’ disappearance of aircraft from radar screens in Europe

The Independent, By James Legge, June 13

For almost half an hour, 13 aircraft vanished from air traffic controllers’ radar screens as they flew at high altitude above Europe, it has been revealed.

The “undprecedented” disappearances happened on 5 June and 10 June, hitting control rooms in Austria and neighbouring countries.

The relevant EU agencies [...]

Friday Cat Blogging: Addictions and Attitudes

From SP…

Son claims Westboro preacher Fred Phelps is near death

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 16

According to a Facebook post from one of the estranged sons of Fred Phelps Sr., the anti-gay preacher who was the driving force behind Westboro Baptist Church is close to death. Nathan Phelps claims his father is on the “edge of death” at a hospice facility in Topeka, Kan.

Another estranged [...]

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El Jefe on the air.

A vast hidden surveillance network runs across America, powered by the repo industry

BetaBoston, By Shawn Musgrave, March 5

Few notice the “spotter car” from Manny Sousa’s repo company as it scours Massachusetts parking lots, looking for vehicles whose owners have defaulted on their loans. Sousa’s unmarked car is part of a technological revolution that goes well beyond the repossession business, transforming any ­industry that wants to check [...]

What if the moon were one pixel?

Then space would be filled with Burma Shave signs, apparently: What if the moon were one pixel?

Dumb Starbucks and the Art of the Hoax

The New Yorker, By Emily Greenhouse, February 15

Last weekend, a pop-up shop called Dumb Starbucks appeared in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, five miles east of the Hollywood Hills. It seemed like any other Starbucks store, but it gave away “dumb” versions of items sold by the Seattle-based coffee giant: Dumb Iced Vanilla Latte and [...]