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The Jehoshua Novels

Son claims Westboro preacher Fred Phelps is near death

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, March 16

According to a Facebook post from one of the estranged sons of Fred Phelps Sr., the anti-gay preacher who was the driving force behind Westboro Baptist Church is close to death. Nathan Phelps claims his father is on the “edge of death” at a hospice facility in Topeka, Kan.

Another estranged [...]

SPK on TalkSA






El Jefe on the air.

A vast hidden surveillance network runs across America, powered by the repo industry

BetaBoston, By Shawn Musgrave, March 5

Few notice the “spotter car” from Manny Sousa’s repo company as it scours Massachusetts parking lots, looking for vehicles whose owners have defaulted on their loans. Sousa’s unmarked car is part of a technological revolution that goes well beyond the repossession business, transforming any ­industry that wants to check [...]

What if the moon were one pixel?

Then space would be filled with Burma Shave signs, apparently: What if the moon were one pixel?

Dumb Starbucks and the Art of the Hoax

The New Yorker, By Emily Greenhouse, February 15

Last weekend, a pop-up shop called Dumb Starbucks appeared in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, five miles east of the Hollywood Hills. It seemed like any other Starbucks store, but it gave away “dumb” versions of items sold by the Seattle-based coffee giant: Dumb Iced Vanilla Latte and [...]

Rough and Tumble Politics

  In February 1874, Colorado prospectors Alfred Packer, George Noon, Frank Miller, Israel Swan, James Humphreys and “Shannon” Bell left the Uncompahgre for Saguache, intending to go by way of the Ute Agency on Los Pinos. Packer appeared at the Agency alone, insisting that his companions had abandoned him while he was ill.

  Suspicions [...]

Choices – Wrong Forking Road

Having arrived at Agonist in December ’09, I missed the early years, so I’ve been reading a lot of the Random Posts that show up in the lower left sidebar. Given the incessant barrage of Newsertainment and Infomercials that inundate us daily, it’s remarkable we are able to turn it off long enough to [...]

How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk

What does the way you speak say about where you’re from? Answer all the questions below to see your personal dialect map. NYT


Just wondering how youse guys do.

More To Life Than Bacon – Fruitcake!

The Family Fruitcake (Recipe )

Okay, for those who are tired of rotating gift fruitcakes through your friend network or using them for doorstops, this is the reason they were really invented, before the commercial folks corrupted the process. If you’ve only eaten the commercial ones, you haven’t eaten fruitcake.


More To Life Than Bacon – Sweet Potato Latkes

Since the confluence of Thansksgiving and Hanukkah is so rare, we’ll combine the two traditions.


What happened when JP Morgan Chase decided to engage with the public?

Hilarity, that’s what…

Matt Taibbi’s been covering it – here’s a snippet of the original article: Chase’s Twitter Gambit Devolves into All-Time PR Fiasco:

“I almost couldn’t believe it when I heard that JP Morgan Chase was going to do a live Twitter Q&A with the public – you know, all those people around [...]

Bill Moyers – How Big Money & Big Media Undermine Democracy

Here’s Bill with a couple of guys who…, without mentioning it by name…, are alluding to “The Fourth Turning”.

JOHN NICHOLS: Bob and I are probably as big a pair of optimists as you’ll ever meet. And the fact is that we have a great belief in what political theorists and political scientists refer to [...]

Bill Moyers with Peter Dreier

Kind of nice to hear a hopeful and optimistic message for a change. We have talked here at The Agonist about Strauss & Howe’s “The Fourth Turning”…, and though Peter Dreier doesn’t mention it by name…, I couldn’t help but think about it when he says, “… this is an incredible turning point in American [...]

Bill Moyers with Martin Wolf – on the Debt Ceiling

October 18, 2013

This week, Congress approved an 11th-hour deal to raise the debt ceiling, which threatened to push the global economy over the edge, but instead of resolving the debt crisis lawmakers simply delayed it. Bill speaks to Financial Times chief economics commentator, Martin Wolf, who says the US debt ceiling is “the [...]

Building Fence

Photos: Shoveling snow off the shed roof; Rio Grande in flood; Ray Wright (Mountain Man)

   The Mountain Man was engaged in building fence across the Rio Grande at the Lower Ranch. At this specific time he was being assisted by ‘Vic’ Miller, a lad of around eighteen years and one of the group known [...]