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The Jehoshua Novels

Palestinian-Israel Negotiations- Pick your Headline

According to the New York Times , Palestinians Defy U.S. and Israel, Putting Mideast Talks in Peril Mr. Abbas’s actions came after a frenzied day of rumors in Israel, where officials said a deal was emerging in which Jonathan Pollard would be freed before Passover. Israel would free the remaining long-serving prisoners …“Facilitation is only [...]

The story of our lives – Sources and Secrets

Earlier today the George Polk Awards Program in cooperation with CUNY TV and the Media Law Resource Center and the Media Law Resource Center Institute, held a live conference on the divide between the government and the press over coverage of national security issues. It attempted to examine the legal basis and scope of government [...]

Bill O’Reilly: Blue Nose

Bill O’Reilly frames his best asset

It’s odd that a man who claims among his favorite guests both Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart would have a problem with President Obama’s appearance in a comic interview on the website Funny or Die. But he does:


12 Years a Slave

Photo Credit

It’s rare that Oscar sees things my way:


Veto By Not Vetoing

Jan Brewer was really between a rock and a hard case this week, with the passage of SB1062, which I refer to as the Jim Peacock Law. I’m surprised how deftly she manuevered around it:


Alarms At Carlsbad

Good to have Sean Paul back.

Here’s a conversation I had with Tina on Facebook, expanded. I think it’s worth posting, because it illustrates some things about reports on radiation-related matters.

Reuters (and others) are reporting an alarm in the air-monitoring system at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in Carlsbad. Here’s my read of [...]

Behind Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Opposition to the Geneva Agreement, Part Two

Fragmentation Netanyahu might have a bolder ambition in mind than merely preventing Iran from advancing its nuclear program. The Middle East is changing more rapidly than at any time since the end of the First World War and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Countries in the region are vanishing from the maps of the [...]

“But where do I go to read the news? “…The new NYT?

A Dell “paid post” in the new NYT below the fold:-)

“Enter the New” here Comments in the NYT itself are here

Opinions, please…

Prominent Blogger Beaten – Arrested – Schuler in Alabama

Blogger Roger Schuler after beating by Alabama police – wouldn’t stop writing about corruption.

I’ve followed Roger Schuler’s writing for years due to his excellent reporting on scandals in Alabama, his interest in election fraud, and his world-class reporting on the Don Siegelman case, an injustice of epic proportions. Schuler has been harassed before, [...]

NYT Special – Novella like report on Benghazi Murders

U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and other U.S. personnel murdered in Benghazi, Libya

“To this day, some militia leaders offer alibis for Mr. Abu Khattala [the perpetrator of the attacks and deaths of U.S. personnel]. All resist quiet American pressure to turn him over to face prosecution. Last spring, one of Libya’s [...]

Post Christmas greetings!

As I watched Republicans Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, Democrats Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel first marginalized, later vilified, and finally eliminated from presidential debates, my thoughts sounded much like this:

A Christmas Speculation by John Michael Greer.

Edward Snowden: Mission Accomplished

Good work, young man.

Washington Post.

Hersh I – Would President Obama use lies about Syrian chemical weapons to justify military aggression?

Seymour Hersh, investigative journalist – Montersino


Evaluations of Seymour Hersh’s article, Whose sarin? should begin with that question. A yes answer lays the foundation for receptivity to Hersh’s claim that the Obama administration lied when it claimed with a high degree of certainty that the Syrian government committed the attack on its [...]

Cryptome releases hack of US and UK Syrian rebel supporters – Hersh critics

Cryptome is a web site devoted to promoting transparency by publishing leaks on a variety of current topics of the day. John Young and Deborah Natsios founded Cryptome in 1996. It is considered a precursor to Wikileaks. The site just posted a series of links from an anonymous source claiming that Elliot Higgins of the [...]

Tony and the Murdoch’s – War Criminals and the Woman They Shared

Wendi and Rupert Murdoch. Why didn’t Wendi and Tony tell Rupert they met up without him at his California ranch? WikiCommons

SchAdenfreude Alert!!! Why would Rupert Murdoch’s wife, Wendi Deng, and former Prime Minister Tony Blair spend two overnights (at least) together at one of Rupert’s mansions? Were they talking philosophy? Did Blair just [...]