Kobani Fighting Sends 400,000 Refugees to Turkey

The Voice of America, By Scott Bobb, October 19

Suruc, Turkey -The offensive by Islamic State militants against the northern Syrian city of Kobani has caused hundreds of thousands of residents to flee to Turkey. They receive help from Turkish authorities and individuals, but say much more is needed.

Morning in Suruc, southeastern Turkey. Rojava […]

Turkey’s Premier Is Proclaimed Winner of Presidential Election

New York Times, By Ceylan Yeginsu & Sebnem Arsu, August 10

Istanbul – Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has led Turkey for more than a decade, is set to become the country’s first popularly elected president, apparently cruising to a victory on Sunday that positioned him to be the dominant political figure here for […]

The Red Line and the Rat Line

Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels    h/t Michael Collins

LRB – …Why did Obama delay and then relent on Syria when he was not shy about rushing into Libya?

The answer lies in a clash between those in the administration who were committed to enforcing the red line, and […]

Turkey returns artillery fire into Syria

The Lebanon Daily Star, April 4

Ankara – Turkey on Friday fired artillery into Syria to retaliate after cross-border shelling hit its territory without causing injuries or damage, the army said.

“Six shells hit in Yayladadi in Hatay province and caused no damage,” said the Turkish armed forces in a statement.

“In accordance with the […]

Turkey besieged by enemies everywhere.

A week after turning off Twitter access, Turkey has now blocked Youtube following the release of a foreign policy crisis meeting earlier this month, discussing war with Syria. It’s espionage. Is it internal destabilization prior to the elections, or a continuance of the Israeli / Iranian game? Erdogan sees enemies everywhere. He is following some […]

Talk Turkey

This is wishful thinking. As I noted on twitter a few days back: The Turkish Left is a disorganized, heterogenous rabble, incapable of tying their own boots. Erdogan has given them ample opportunity to define themselves against him, at the bare minimum. They have declined to do so. And will continue to do so.

Why […]

Turkish lawmakers adopt ‘Orwellian’ Internet curbs

France24, February 6

Turkish lawmakers approved legislation late on Wednesday that will tighten government controls over the Internet, in a move roundly criticised as a fresh assault on freedom of expression, access to information and investigative journalism.

The text notably permits a government agency, the Telecommunications Communications Presidency (TIB), to block access to websites without […]

Turkey’s Erdogan visits Iran to improve ties after split over Syria

Reuters, By Parisa Hafezi

ANKARA, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan visited Iran on Wednesday to bolster trade and energy ties, state TV said, in what also looked like a bid to defuse tensions over Syria by capitalizing on Tehran’s diplomatic opening to regional rivals and the West.

Iran has been a strong strategic ally of […]

Gul makes his move in Turkey – the voice of ‘dialog and empathy’

Turkey’s President Gul is making a bold move to calm the political chaos in Turkey. Will he succeed or will the paranoid Prime Minister Recep Erdogan decide that Gul’s efforts are part of the conspiracy to remove Erdogan from power? (Image: Turkish Presidential Seal)

Since December 17, scores of Erdogan cronies have been arrested for […]

US and EU asleep at switch on Turkish meltdown

Turkey continues its crisis of governance and personal power. There seems to be no good outcome at this point given the conversion of Turkey to a dictatorship. PM Erdogan is changing laws and stopping police investigations. When corruption charges were brought against dozens of Erdogan officials and friends, the poice and prosecutors who brought the […]

The perfect storm in Turkey – corruption, conflict, conspiracy

Will Summer protests return to Turkey Jordi Bernabeu Farrús

The Republic of Turkey is consumed by intense conflict, conspiracy charges, and underlying financial problems that simply won’t go away. A perfect storm is brewing in Turkey.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government and supporters are charged with a secret gold-for-oil deal with Iran. The […]

The End for Erdogan and AKP – Financial Fraud and Money Laundering

Turkish gold for Iran’s natural gas – this is the end for Erdogan WikiCommons

Hurriyet Daily News columnist Mustafa Sonmez broke a story that should define the outcome of the Turkish crisis. If he’s accurate about the Erdogan government’s scheming, the crisis in Turkey is over. It is just a matter of time for […]

Turkish Press on Erdogan Tailspin

I would judge the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors if I had authority,: Turkish PM ANKARA – Hürriyet Daily News

Erdogan after the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) overturned Erdogan’s change in police and judicial procedures to protect his position:

“From here, I am filing a criminal complaint [against the HSYK]. The […]

Istanbul Protests – “Everywhere bribery, everywhere corruption”

Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan is resisting responsibility at all costs. After charges against 100 or more officials and supporters, the PM has fired police and prosecutors in Istanbul and Ankara, blamed foreigners, the U.S. in particular, for the scandal, and referenced it all as an attack on the state. Protests are erupting. Just to make […]

Erdogan cornered in Turkey – Did the USA say time to go?

Is it really Erdogan versus Gulen or is Gulen a proxy? Images: Wikicommons

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan faces major challenges from the opposition and within his own party, the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party). Through his rash actions and compulsive need for control, the PM has paved the road to […]