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The Jehoshua Novels

Venezuela: A Call for Peace

New York Times Op Ed, By Nicolás Maduro, April 1

Caracas – The recent protests in Venezuela have made international headlines. Much of the foreign media coverage has distorted the reality of my country and the facts surrounding the events.

Venezuelans are proud of our democracy. We have built a participatory democratic movement from the [...]

White House denies covert Twitter-style Cuba secret op

AFP – The United States on Thursday denied it used its overseas aid agency to mount a covert operation on social media to incite political unrest against Cuba’s communist leaders.

But the US Agency for International Development (USAID) did admit to building a Twitter-style application on which Cubans, who face strict curbs on expression, were [...]

Tsunami warning after 8.0 quake strikes off Chile

BBC – An earthquake of 8.0 magnitude has struck off Chile’s coast near Iquique, triggering a tsunami warning for all of Latin America’s Pacific coast, the US Geological Survey says.

It said the quake was very shallow, only 10km below the seabed, which would have made it feel stronger.

It was centred 86km (56 miles) [...]

Brazil police invade Rio slums ahead of World Cup

AP, March 30

Rio De Janeiro- More than 1,400 police officers and Brazilian Marines rolled into a massive complex of slums near Rio de Janeiro’s international airport before dawn Sunday in the latest security push ahead of this year’s World Cup.

Not a shot was fired as the Mare complex of 15 slums became the [...]

Colombia: Disappearances Plague Major Port

Criminal Groups Terrorize Neighborhoods, Displace Thousands

Human Rights Watch, March 20

Bogotá – Paramilitary successor groups have abducted and disappeared scores, and possibly hundreds, of residents of the largely Afro-Colombian port of Buenaventura, Human Rights Watch said in a report and video released today. Thousands of residents have been fleeing their homes in the city [...]

Venezuela accuses US secretary of state of ‘murder’

BBC, March 14

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Elias Jaua has accused US Secretary of State John Kerry of inciting violence and called him a “murderer”.

Mr Jaua was reacting to comments by Mr Kerry, who accused Venezuela of waging a “terror campaign against its own people” in its response to protests.

Venezuela has repeatedly accused the [...]

Venezuelan protest overrun by government forces

Show of force from government comes as regional body supports the government’s ‘peace initiative’

Al Jazeera, March 8

In a major show of force, hundreds of National Guardsmen in riot gear and armored vehicles prevented an “empty pots march” from reaching Venezuela’s Food Ministry on Saturday to protest now-chronic food shortages.

President Nicolas Maduro’s government, [...]

Venezuela’s poor join protests as turmoil grips Chávez’s revolution

The Guardian, By Virginia López & Jonathan Watts, February 20

Government claims protests bear the hallmarks of US-backed coup plot led by jailed opposition leader Leopoldo López

Caracas – The poor neighbourhood of Petare in western Caracas is not an obvious hotbed of anti-government sentiment. In the past, its residents have been among the major [...]

Venezuela: Several shot dead in anti-government street protests


At least three people have been shot dead during anti-government protests in Venezuela.

Both sides are blaming each other for the killings while social media reports allege government backed armed groups were responsible.

The protesters are angry with President Nicolas Maduro’s failure to control inflation, crime and a lack of opportunities for the country’s [...]

News Around the World

Cairo – Six people have been killed and some 100 others wounded in a series of explosions in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Ukraine – A Ukrainian Journalist Explains 10 Things The West Needs To Know About The Situation In Kiev

Poland – The hidden history of the CIA’s prison in Poland

The U.P. ;) [...]

CONFIRMED: The DEA Struck A Deal With Mexico’s Most Notorious Drug Cartel

Business Insider, By Michael Kelley, January 13

An investigation by El Universal found that between the years 2000 and 2012, the U.S. government had an arrangement with Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed the organization to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs while Sinaloa provided information on rival cartels.

Sinaloa, led by Joaquin “El Chapo” [...]

From 56 to 58: Vaqueros, Volcanoes and the Voice of the Road

December 17, 2013: Pelicans glide inches above the cresting waves. The rising sun glistens pinkish and oblique across the Pacific Ocean and carries me back to yesterday, where we left Granada about 930am—Hernán was with us—and the driver was a big, giant of a man whose hands never left the ten and two o’clock position [...]

Up The Isthmus on a Promise

Woke up yesterday and immediately jumped into an ice cold shower: penance for my lack of vigilance the night before. You see, it’s been, what, four years since I’ve been on the road like this? A long time to lose critical skills like remembering to ask the hotelier (more like a roach motel, but hey) [...]

Chile’s Bachelet wins election by a landslide

Reuters, Alexandra Ulmer & Rosalba O’Brien, December 15

Santiago – Michelle Bachelet was elected as Chile’s president again on Sunday in a landslide victory that hands the centre-leftist the mandate she sought to push ahead with wide-reaching reforms.

Bachelet won with about 62 per cent support, the highest proportion of votes any presidential candidate has [...]

Central America Photo Dump

So, here’s a photo dump. You remember those, no? The full set can be found here. The most recent photos begin here and move forward. Enjoy!