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Deflation (footballs, economies, congress…whatever)

Catholics don’t have to breed ‘like rabbits’, says Pope Francis

Pope says Catholic church supports “responsible parenting” but criticises ‘ideological colonisation’ of the developing world

Pope defends church’s opposition to artificial contraception

AP, January 20

Catholics do not have to breed “like rabbits” and should instead practise “responsible parenting”, Pope Francis said on Monday.

Speaking to reporters en route home from the Philippines, Francis said […]

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Friday Catblogging: The weather outside is frightful …

Kevin Drum

Men who take a lot of selfies ‘show strong links to psychopathic tendencies’

Sydney Morning Herald, By Eamonn Warner, January 9

As if we needed another reason to put a stop to selfies.

A new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences has revealed that men who take a lot of selfies will score much higher on tests looking for signs of psychopathy.

Conducted by Ohio […]

NYT Photo: Caption Contest

h/t Tina

Catblogging: New Year’s Eve and beyond, despite it all

Two (from the great collection: New Year’s Eve Cats ) / to view

‘Christmas Week’ Catblogging- borrowed but not blue… from 2008

Friday Catblogging: Blogcats look at us

“Daisy” of the “Daisy the Curly Cat” blog archives from a few years ago

I used to love the pics but skip the interior monologue …

Friday Catblogging: Mother Jones catblog ‘ saves the day’

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Friday Catblogging

The Sesame St Police called….

They want to know: What have you done with big bird?

Friday Catblogging from the archive: Dec. 18 ,2009

Originally posted as a diary by SPK in 2009

Friday mid-november catblogging

Some have snow, some have heat wave. What’s cat-happening for you?

Friday Catblogging from the archive: Jan 6, 2012

SPK: Cats Blackie and Brownie catch squirts of milk…