This is not an interview with Banksy

Washington Post, By Caitlin Dewey, October 22

You may believe Paul Horner is the real name of anonymous graffiti artist Banksy. It is not.

You may also have heard that Horner is a Facebook executive, bent on introducing a monthly user fee. Or a hapless 15-year-old, sentenced to life in prison for “SWATing” a video [...]

Furiday Catblogging: The ‘I’ of the Cat

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Catblogging: Cry “Havoc!”

Friday Catblogging

Other cats, fiendish devilish and whatever!

The ‘bro hug’ goes very wrong …

NYT—credit: Mandel Ngan/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Friday Cat Blogging – Holderin’ on

Attorney General Holder resigns. Lawyer-hating cats react:

Scotland Independent? Three men went into a burr…


The Independent

Friday Catblogging: small cats & small kids

Once in a while, an awwfest…

Jukebox Catblogging

The theme today is musical kittehs, all genre welcome.

Friday Catblogging: Fantasies of the cat-averse !


Friday Catblogging: Agonist cats time travel!

The wish…. …

Friday Catblogging: “A cat may look at a king” (even in Ferguson)

Feline gazes, any kind, welcome here this week…

Friday Cat Blogging: Letting Cats Tell The News

Aging population (BTDT)

Border Control



How to make nice

IBT Article in International Business Times has an interesting observation/speculation. Maybe we should put testosterone blockers in the water supply of DC…

Friday Cat Blogging: Math!