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The Jehoshua Novels

Friday Catblogging: Cats Who Came to Visit

Warning, weepies included…

“Nova, the cat sent to change my destiny”

Friday Catblogging: Writing Around Cats

especially for Sean Paul…

China Offers Middle East Peace

ChinaNews reports the Chinese Government has initiated a diplomatic foray to resolve the Middle East peace issues.

A spokesman for the Central Committee says:

China is the largest importer of Oil from the Middle East. It is compelling to our strategic interest that there be peace in the Middle East and no interruption to [...]

Friday Catblogging

Thanks steeleweed for the improvements!

Friday Catblogging – got the grouchies

I have had a case of the grouchies all week, but feel free to post your mood.

Obama’s Presidential Library Announced: Details

The White House announced today that the site for the Obama Presidential Library will be built in multiple cities, with multiple wings to the library, to continue the momentum of bipartisanship started under the Obama Administration.

A White House spokesman said :

We’re providing the list of cities and wings we can identify. In keeping [...]

Caption this

Friday Cat-blogging – St Patricks’ day weekend edition.

On Kittens and Cats. Tim BL, the founder of the internet expressed his surprise this week that kittens were one of the main reasons people use the internet. To be sure they escaped the dinosaurs, and captured the heart of the ancient Egyptians!

Quiet, be very quiet.

They missed out any mention in the [...]

Bill O’Reilly: Blue Nose

Bill O’Reilly frames his best asset

It’s odd that a man who claims among his favorite guests both Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart would have a problem with President Obama’s appearance in a comic interview on the website Funny or Die. But he does:


Friday Catblogging: Watch Out, Spring Ahead!

funny cats ambush experts

NATO to Offer Membership to Russia

In a surprise move, Secretary of State John Kerry was heard to offer Russia membership of NATO in order to defuse the Ukraine situation. In an aside to the Russian Ambassador he was heard to say:

If Russia were a member of NATO then there would be no encirclement of Russia from sea to shining [...]

Caption Contest!!


Canadian women’s team pulls off most sensational Olympic hockey victory ever

Friday Cat Blogging: Reflections of my job…..

I’mmmmmm Baaaack!

Look out Agonistas! I now have full posting capabilities.


[cough, sputter, cough]

Crap! Ruined a perfectly good maniacal laugh. I hate when that happens.

Anyway – finally have the freedom to use categories. Yes, that’s right SP, I said categories. They exist, get over it. And if you give me static over it I’ll [...]