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The Jehoshua Novels


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome death toll is creeping upwards. BBC… whilst Ebola death toll now revised downwards, appears to have been miscalculated . Whew!

Never In Doubt

See, that didn’t hurt a bit!

President Barack Obama took a victory lap around the Rose Garden yesterday, as the Affordable Care Act hit the point of no return:



The day has arrived when Obamacare comes out of rehearsals and goes fully live, and guess what? It’s already outperformed expectations:


Black death was not spread by rat fleas, say researchers

Evidence from skulls in east London shows plague had to have been airborne to spread so quickly.

The Observer, By Vanessa Thorpe, March 29

Archaeologists and forensic scientists who have examined 25 skeletons unearthed in the Clerkenwell area of London a year ago believe they have uncovered the truth about the nature of the Black [...]

Should women fight violence with violence?

Canadian film director, writer, and producer Karen Lam whose chosen genre is horror with a feminist twist, posed this provocative question.

Lam’s choice and musings were influenced by her father’s penchant for twisted storytelling and the real-life violence committed against women. What particularly stood out for Lam were the cruel murders of 49 women by [...]

‘Children of older fathers at risk of low IQ, autism and suicide’

Independent, By Sarah Knapton

Men should not leave fatherhood too late because children of older fathers are more likely to suffer a raft of psychological and educational problems, scientists have warned.

The biggest study of its kind has found that the children of fathers aged over 45 were at greater risk of autism, bipolar disorder [...]

Yes, You Do Have the Power to Ward off Dementia

The Tyee, By Jude Isabella

Recent science confirms conventional brain health wisdoms, and throws a few curveballs.

[Editor's note: Science writer Jude Isabella recently attended the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual conference in Chicago, and her dispatches are running on The Tyee this week. Stay tuned for more.]

To live a [...]

Belgium’s parliament votes through child euthanasia

BBC, February 13

Parliament in Belgium has passed a bill allowing euthanasia for terminally ill children without any age limit, by 86 votes to 44, with 12 abstentions.

When, as expected, the bill is signed by the king, Belgium will become the first country in the world to remove any age limit on the practice.


No, Obamacare Won’t “Cost 2.5 Million Jobs”

I’m no big fan of “Obamacare,” still consider it a horribly botched piece of legislation, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to jump onto any silly bandwagon that provides an opportunity to bash it. I’m referring to the latest such effort of using the CBO report which says that Obamacare “will cost 2.5 million jobs” [...]

Welcome News

It’s nice to see a CEO realize that a product is not in keeping with the mission statement of a corporation:


Spain protesters rally against tougher abortion law

BBC, February 1

Thousands of Spaniards have protested in Madrid against a draft law backed by the government that would restrict the right to abortion.

Activists carried banners saying “Allow mothers to decide” and “Deciding makes us free”.

The law would limit abortion to cases of rape, and instances where the health of the mother [...]

New study links fracking to birth defects in heavily drilled Colorado

Al Jazeera America, By Renee Lewis, January 30

Risks of some birth defects increased as much as 30 percent in mothers who lived near oil and gas wells.

Living near hydraulic fracturing — or “fracking” — sites may increase the risk of some birth defects by as much as 30 percent, a new study suggests. [...]

News Around the World

Cairo – Six people have been killed and some 100 others wounded in a series of explosions in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Ukraine – A Ukrainian Journalist Explains 10 Things The West Needs To Know About The Situation In Kiev

Poland – The hidden history of the CIA’s prison in Poland

The U.P. ;) [...]

While you were sleeping: Fukushima

The disaster that is Fukushima is not fixed. Not by a long shot. Considering the lack of coverage mainstream media provides, I’d recommend spending ten minutes of your time to watch this video:

N.Y. Catholics Groups Win Court Bar to Contraception Mandate

Bloomberg, By Christie Smythe, December 16

A group of Catholic health and educational organizations don’t have to comply with a federal Affordable Care Act requirement to provide their employees with contraception coverage, a federal judge in New York ruled.

U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan in Brooklyn today barred the government from enforcing the mandate against [...]