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The Jehoshua Novels

The “Purple Wedding” of Geo-Politics

Sorry if you don’t watch Game of Thrones on Sunday nights, you might not get the title reference. Suffice it to say, without needing to give a spoiler alert, that there’s vengeance and there’s payback.



The day has arrived when Obamacare comes out of rehearsals and goes fully live, and guess what? It’s already outperformed expectations:


A good kickstarter in the pants?

My Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

If a buddy of yours borrowed a few hundred bucks from you because he had a can’t miss product he was developing, would you give it to him? What would you ask for in return? Nothing?


Occupy Gracie Mansion

Bill De Blasio was sworn in as New York’s mayor yesterday.


And So This Is Christmas…

…so what have you done?


Infrastructure Demands Action


Bad Economic News

This statistic is less of a surprise than it appears:

Thanksgiving night shopping looked like a new family tradition this year as stores opened earlier and consumers took advantage of the extra time to spread out their Black Friday shopping.

The Thursday-through-Sunday tally, though, was less buying overall, according to data from [...]

Pope Francis – Marxist in Disguise?

Pope Francis

It is not surprising that Rush Limbaugh, spiritual leader of the Republican Party – the man who determines Republican ideology and who enforces obedience to orthodoxy within the party – now finds Pope Francis a “Marxist”. Pope Francis, spiritual leader to over one billion Catholics, has issued a direct assault on the [...]

Austerity: It doesn’t work, which makes it the PERFECT solution for those addicted to magical thinking

In a time of challenge and adversity, It’s human nature to want to hunker down. Some of us might even want to dig a hole, crawl into it, pull the covers over our head, and wait for trouble to roll on by. Self-preservation is perhaps the most basic human instinct…but that desire to protect ourselves [...]

The Saving Grace of Saving Face

Nancy realizes she will be Speaker again, soon.

Comes the salvage operation for the House Republican caucus:

House Republicans, increasingly isolated from even some of their strongest supporters more than a week into a government shutdown, began on Wednesday to consider a path out of the fiscal impasse that would raise the debt ceiling [...]

To the Surprise of No One…

….people who score high on GMATs tend to be less ethical than those who do not.

Maybe I should explain. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is the B-school version of the SAT. The higher you score on it, the more likely it is you can get into a top-notch business school and hock your [...]

Why Poverty Happens to Good People

Lesson to learn — it’s usually not their fault. Case in point:

Donald Cardin became a firefighter at age 20 in Central Falls, R.I., a town just north of Providence that filed for bankruptcy in 2011. He was making $60,000 a year as a fire chief before retiring at age 42 in 2007 to take [...]

One Step Closer to Pitchforks and Torches

A curious little item in Time Magazine this issue:

If you are in any doubt about how little has changed on Wall Street since 2008, check out yesterday’s front page New York Times story about how banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley profited wildly by hoarding and slowing the supply of various commodity metals [...]

A Tale of Two Cities

So, it was the best of times last week as I took a week’s break from the news and the grind of ordinary life and went on a tropical vacation to central America. Specifically, I went to the Honduran Bay Island of Roatan. And I couldn’t help but take a critical eye to my surroundings.


Kiss Your Class Good-Bye