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The Jehoshua Novels

The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest

New York Times, By David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy, April 22

The American middle class, long the most affluent in the world, has lost that distinction.

While the wealthiest Americans are outpacing many of their global peers, a New York Times analysis shows that across the [...]

NSA’s Bleeding Heart

Breaking News:

In a new leak from the NSA we have the results of the current task force assembled to deflect the blame from NSA’s Cyber unit. This task force became necessary when the Heartbleed Bug became public.


No matter which interpretation the Public puts on it, they all have a common thread: The [...]

Shopper wins 16-year credit battle over PC World laptop !

A man has won a 16-year battle over payments for a laptop computer after spending a reported £250,000 in legal fees.

Richard Durkin, 44, took his case to the UK’s highest court after claiming lender HFC Bank, now part of HSBC, ruined his credit rating after a dispute over the purchase of a £1,500 laptop. [...]

Revealed: Apple and Google’s wage-fixing cartel involved dozens more companies, over one million employees

Pando Daily, By Mark Ames, March 22

Back in January, I wrote about “The Techtopus” — an illegal agreement between seven tech giants, including Apple, Google, and Intel, to suppress wages for tens of thousands of tech employees. The agreement prompted a Department of Justice investigation, resulting in a settlement in which the companies agreed [...]

Obama’s Presidential Library Announced: Details

The White House announced today that the site for the Obama Presidential Library will be built in multiple cities, with multiple wings to the library, to continue the momentum of bipartisanship started under the Obama Administration.

A White House spokesman said :

We’re providing the list of cities and wings we can identify. In keeping [...]

Garbage, Complete and Utter Garbage

According to estimates from the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2011, each person in the United States created a daily average of 4.4 pounds (2.04 kilograms) of solid waste (Garbage) per day, or In 2011, Americans generated about 250 million tons of trash and recycled and composted almost 87 million tons of this material, equivalent to [...]

News Around the World

Cairo – Six people have been killed and some 100 others wounded in a series of explosions in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

Ukraine – A Ukrainian Journalist Explains 10 Things The West Needs To Know About The Situation In Kiev

Poland – The hidden history of the CIA’s prison in Poland

The U.P. ;) [...]

NSA and U.S Internet Collaborators Bad for Business – Brazil and Boeing

After the initial Snowden revelations, analysts estimated that United States cloud service providers were taking major hits to existing and new business. Since that time, we have not seen direct links to U.S. manufacturing and other non tech business losses due to NSA snooping and the culture of paranoia. But, now we have the following. [...]

Nasty NSA, the End of US Tech, and You are the Product.

Cross-posted at Firedoglake.

Microsoft. Google. Facebook. These firms, among others, have featured prominently in the news over the past few weeks and months. Recently, reports indicated that they have come together to demand changes to US surveillance policy, because it’s bad for business. A while earlier, reports had arisen indicating that some major US companies [...]

Dozens arrested in Wal-Mart protests nationwide, 10 in Chicago

Chicago Tribune (& Reuters, WGN), November 29

Hundreds of protesters, including some Walmart workers who skipped their shifts on the retail industry’s busiest day, spoke, chanted and sang outside of Walmart stores around the United States, making pleas for higher wages and better healthcare for Walmart hourly workers.

In Chicago, 10 people protesting at a [...]

The Global Corporatocracy is Almost Fully Operational

2013 is proving to be a hectic year for corporate lobbyists and free trade advocates, as they frantically flit, like busy bees pollinating succulent orchids, from one global free trade conference to another. And at long last, it seems that their hard work appears to be paying off.

In the last month alone world leaders [...]

Wrapping it up

Ayu Pastika, the wife of Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika, proudly shows off the endek cloth exclusively designed for US President Barack Obama.

Shame he is unable to attend APEC. China meanwhile is not party to TPP.

Greeks protest against Golden Dawn attack on Communists

Guardian story here

ekathimerini story here

A-Z on how to turn a liberal democracy into a proto-fascist state-

just take away people’s food, lodging, and jobs to pay back the international bankers of the IMF.

Note the non-response by the ruling party in the linked stories.

(originally posted Sep 13)

Update1: Greece moves [...]

‘Winning the Race to the Bottom’: Obama Moves to Fast-Track the TPP

Common Dreams, By Sarah Lazare, September 20

Critics slam highly secretive deal as a tool for U.S. and corporate power

As Obama moves to fast-track the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), critics are blasting the highly-secretive trade deal as “NAFTA on steroids” and a tool for advancing U.S. and corporate power.

“If impoverishing working people around [...]

To the Surprise of No One…

….people who score high on GMATs tend to be less ethical than those who do not.

Maybe I should explain. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is the B-school version of the SAT. The higher you score on it, the more likely it is you can get into a top-notch business school and hock your [...]