Fukushima nuclear meltdown worse than initially reported – TEPCO

Russia Today, August 7

The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant’s third reactor building was even worse than initially believed, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has announced.

In fact, the power company’s new appraisal of the Fukushima No. 3 reactor building shows that all – or nearly all – of the fuel rods [...]

Japanese cabinet may agree on conditions to collective self-defense

CCTV.com, By Terrence Terashima, June 30

Japan’s ruling coalition is expected to reach an agreement over the conditions of the country’s right to exercise collective self-defense, and change the interpretation of its pacifist constitution to allow that right.

It has been Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ambition, for Japan to reinterpret its pacifist constitution and adopt [...]

Rate of deforestation in Indonesia overtakes Brazil, says study

Indonesia lost 840,000 hectares of forest in 2012 compared to 460,000 hectares in Brazil, despite its forest being a quarter the size of the Amazon rainforest.

The Guardian, By John Vidal, June 29

Indonesia has greatly under-reported how much primary rainforest it is cutting down, according to the government’s former head of forestry data gathering.


Half The Population Cannot Remain Silent Forever

I need some help from the ladies.

How does one extrapolate, infer, or deduct and induct the role of women in a society 1,000 years old with pretty much nothing but textile fragments, kitchen and cooking utensils and a very, very thin literary record to go on?

I know I am missing something. And I [...]

Cambodia slams Thailand as workers flee out of fear of military junta

AFP, June 17

Bankok – The dramatic departure of nearly 190,000 Cambodian migrant workers from Thailand threatens to hit labour-intensive industries from seafood to construction, damaging the Thai economy just as it teeters on the verge of recession.

Panicked labourers — who help keep major Thai businesses afloat but often lack official work permits — [...]

The China Syndrome

Well, the Chinese seem to be taking the name “China Sea” seriously. First came the dispute with Vietnam, the Philippines, and probably any nation with a couple of dinghies and a drunk captain over the South China Sea.


Indian president lays out new economic agenda

Pranab Mukherjee tells parliament government will encourage foreign investment and engage energetically with neighbours.

Al Jazeera, June 9

India’s new government will pursue an economic reform agenda that foresees introducing a general sales tax, encouraging foreign investment and speeding approvals for major business projects, the president has told parliament.

Pranab Mukherjee also said on Monday [...]

India likely to ease restrictions for foreign online retailers in July

Reuters, By Nandita Bose & Rajesh Kumar Singh, June 4

Mumbai, New Delhi – India could allow global online retailers such as Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O) to sell their own products as early as next month, removing restrictions that have held back competition in one of the world’s biggest, and most price-sensitive, retail markets.

The decision, [...]

China plan to cap CO2 emissions seen turning point in climate talks

Reuters, By Kathy Chen & Stian Reklev, June 3

Beijing – China said on Tuesday it will set an absolute cap on its CO2 emissions from 2016 just a day after the United States announced new targets for its power sector, signalling a potential breakthrough in tough U.N. climate talks.

Progress in global climate negotiations [...]

Thailand’s 19th Coup

Good analysis of Thai sham democracy here. Mr Brown confirms my observations that the Thai military is always the power behind the scenes and that when you “Strip away the colour coding, the personalities and the ever-changing alphabet soup of organizations and parties, and you find a familiar political divide. Rice farmers, peasants and workers [...]

Thai military says it’s taken over the country in a coup

CNN, By Kocha Olarn and Holly Yan, May 22

Bangkok – The Thai military has taken control of the government in a coup, the country’s military chief announced in a national address Thursday.

The move came after rival factions were unable to come up with a suitable agreement to govern, the military chief said.

Hours [...]

Japan court rules against restart of nuclear reactors

(AFP) – A Japanese court ruled Wednesday against the restarting of two reactors at a nuclear power plant, acknowledging residents’ safety fears and dealing a blow to the government’s plan to revive nuclear power.

Welcome to the World of Realpolitik, China!

The dwindling world of Communism is getting more and more aggressive: towards each other.

Chinese authorities said Sunday that more than 3,000 Chinese had already been evacuated from Vietnam after protests over China’s decision to move an oil rig into disputed waters of the South China Sea spiraled into riots last week in which [...]

China evacuates thousands of citizens from Vietnam after deadly attacks

(CNN) – China has evacuated more than 3,000 of its citizens from Vietnam and is sending ships to retrieve more of them after deadly anti-Chinese violence erupted last week over a territorial dispute between the two countries.

Five Chinese ships will travel to Vietnam to help with the evacuation, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua [...]

More than 3,000 Chinese evacuated from Vietnam after violence: Xinhua

Reuters, May 17

Beijing – More than 3,000 Chinese nationals have been evacuated from Vietnam, state news agency Xinhua said on Sunday, following deadly rioting that stemmed from an outpouring of rage over Chinese oil drilling in a disputed area of the South China Sea.

The violence was triggered by China’s positioning of a $1 [...]