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The Jehoshua Novels

Tuesday Tensions bedevil Arab summit

Kuwait is hosting the Heads of Arab states for their annual summit for the first time since joining Arab League.

Qatar is being pressured to stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical movements through the region. Along with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Mirates, Egypt is trying to isolate Qatar. Yet it [...]

Saudi Arabia backs global ‘terrorism’: Iraq PM

AFP, March 8

Baghdad – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused Saudi Arabia of supporting global “terrorism,” both inside the Arab world and in other countries, in an interview broadcast on Saturday. Maliki, in an interview with France 24, slammed “the dangerous Saudi stance” of supporting “terrorism in the world – it supports it in [...]

Saudi government threatens crackdown against women’s ‘protest drive’

RT, October 24

Saudi Arabian authorities are threatening to forcefully suppress an Oct. 26 “protest drive” by women against a de facto ban on them driving cars in the country, citing bans on “illegal gatherings and marches.”

The “October 26 Driving” campaign led by Saudi women is calling for citizens to put the campaign’s logo [...]

Saudi Arabia Rejects Security Council Seat

NYT – Assailing what it called double standards at the United Nations, Saudi Arabia took the surprising step Friday of declining an invitation to take a rotating seat on the Security Council just one day after it was chosen to join the body for a two-year term.

The protest, made known in a statement from [...]

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U.S. Shipping Thousands of Cluster Bombs to Saudis, Despite Global Ban

Foreign Policy, By John Reed, Noah Shachtman, August 22

Cluster bombs are banned by 83 nations. The world recoiled in horror when it learned that Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad’s forces have killed children with such weapons.

But that isn’t stopping the U.S. military from selling $640 million worth of American-made cluster bombs to Saudi [...]

Saudi Arabia Pledges To Help Fund Egypt Amid US Threat To Cut Off Aid

IBT, By Amrutha Gayathri, August 20

Amid increasing domestic and international pressure on the U.S. to suspend its aid to Egypt’s military-backed government following its crackdown on supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, Saudi Arabia — a close U.S. ally — on Monday, pledged financial assistance to the North African nation to fill gaps left [...]

Drone strike campaign in Yemen shows U.S. standards are elastic

Los Angeles Times, By Ken Dilanian, August 17

WASHINGTON — A surge of U.S. drone missile strikes that has killed about 40 suspected militants in Yemen over the last three weeks may appear inconsistent with President Obama’s pledge in May to use drone aircraft to target and kill only individual terrorists who pose a continuing [...]

Diverging Saudi and Israeli strategic interests in post-Morsi Egypt

Egypt’s Army – ready-made for Saudi defense (Wikipedia)

Over the last few years, Saudi Arabia and Israel have been aligned on critical matters. The two powers are engaged in attacking Iran and its nuclear capacity, ousting the Assad government from Syria, and unseating Hizbullah in Lebanon.

So determined are the two countries to stop [...]

Qatar’s emir transfers power to son

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani says he is handing over power to son and calls on countrymen to lend their support.

Al Jazeera, June 25

Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the ruler of Qatar for 18 years, has transferred the “reins of power” to his son.

The outgoing emir made the announcement to [...]

New MERS virus spreads easily, deadlier than SARS

(AP) – A mysterious new respiratory virus that originated in the Middle East spreads easily between people and appears more deadly than SARS, doctors reported Wednesday after investigating the biggest outbreak in Saudi Arabia.

The next world war will be fought over water, not ideology or religion

While we here in America rest secure in our homes, largely free from the scourge of want or shortage, we’ve become immune from and blissfully ignorant of what may well be the cause of future wars around the world: water. Joe Sixpack, when he turns on the faucet at his kitchen sink, doesn’t often think [...]

Large water loss detected in Mideast river basins: study

AFP — US satellites have detected a large loss of fresh water reserves in the Tigris and Euphrates river basins during a seven-year period beginning in 2003, a new study has found.

The river basins, which water parts of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, have lost almost as much water as is in the Dead [...]


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited what should be nominally friendly territory: Cairo, Egypt. Not so much, it turns out:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, endured the humiliation of having a shoe thrown at him today as his visit to Egypt turned sour.

The trip, the first by an Iranian leader since the overthrow of [...]

U.S. drone strikes in Yemen increase

McClatchy Newspapers, By Adam Baron, December 27

Sana’a, Yemen — In the wake of the killing of Osama bin Laden, Yemen – home to al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula – has come close to eclipsing Pakistan as a key focus of American counter-terrorism efforts.

In 2011, then-CIA director David Petraeus characterized the group as [...]