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   For over a decade of ups and downs, chaos and dedication, arguments and agreements, The Agonist has earned a place in the blogging community. We have had some marvelous writing, outstanding posts and spirited (to say the least) conversations.

   We are contemplating compiling a Best Of Agonist ebook, to be made available free of charge.


Extremely late cat blogging – Black Cats

500px has a set of Black Cats that are impressive…

Starting with these:

Saturday Jukebox – Just the Right Amount of Wrong.

Thanks to the Cosmopolitan for the idea: Just the Right Amount of Wrong. (Yes, some comped nights would be nice!)

With a nod to Sochi 2014:


Agonist Top Posts – All Time

To Stirling Newberry – The Agonist wishes you the very best!

Pay Attention! The EU and IMF confiscate private deposits

Where were you when they told us the world as we know it is over?

Cow Tools

Here is a list of top posts from the Agonist in terms of hits/views. […]

Saturday Jukebox – All Property is Theft! Musical Economics!

With the economy on parlous ground, and the Pope nearly advocating Socialism, perhaps we should all decry bourgois attachment.

The Beatles could start us out; they learned some things can’t be owned:


The Ford Ranch

I’m heading to the Ford Ranch tomorrow to see Don. Anything in particular y’all want photos of or questions asked? Leave ‘em in the comments if so.

Saturday Night Jukebox – End of the World edition.

Alternatively – all things like or akin to R.E.M.!

Saturday Night Jukebox – Summertime

Here are a few versions of a classic:

And in news just in

Facebook told me

Sean Paul Kelley

got married today in the Presidio County courthouse in Marfa, Texas today.


Sandy Is Last Straw for One-of-a-Kind Ice Cream Shop

New York City’s East Village is the kind of place where you might not be surprised to find a vegan ice cream shop. And until today there was one — Stogo’s on Second Avenue.

This New York Times article by Maggie Astor (who just happens to be my daughter) tells us why today was the […]

Why we are fixated with the USA downunder

I got a message on Facebook yesterday “Graham, I just want to ask you why you get so interested in American politics. It seems crazy to us, so I wonder why do you care so much?”

A while later I was told that a co-worker arrived at a clients yesterday 11/6 USA time and was […]

‘My Picture Is A Sum Of Destructions’ – Picasso

The reality of many works of art have been irrevocably changed due to Sandy. Dealers, curators and artlovers are reeling. Apart from gallery and dealer losses, much art has also been lost in private collections.

Today MOMA conservators and speakers from the American Institute for Conservation Collections Emergency Response Team (AIC-CERT), will provide suggestions and […]

Austerity Australian Style and why the elderly are increasingly stressed.

Today the Australian government, announced via a Tweet from the Australian Treasurer a forecast surplus of $1.1 billion. Howls of outrage from the mainstream media who had been in lockdown and unable to publish the details until an hour later.

An hour later Australia discovered that the surplus would come, inter alia, from a cut […]

Candidate Obama: Can He be Trusted Yet?

The massive crowds that followed Barack Obama four years ago in his run for the presidency are nowhere to be seen this time around. Obama’s campaign managers haven’t even bothered to stage such events. Instead, they have Candidate Obama appearing on television – David Letterman, The View, and probably before this is all over, he’ll […]

Mitt Romney: An Extremist's Best Friend

”œShoot first, and aim later.” That’s how Barack Obama described Mitt Romney’s reaction to the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which left four Americans dead, including the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. Romney’s criticism ”“ that the US (read Obama) apologizes to its enemies rather than stand up to them ”“ […]