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The Jehoshua Novels

Call for Diaries!

(originally published Dec 9, 2013)

Agonist Diaries are back!

One of the best features of the old Agonist was USER DIARIES. After considerable effort, we’ve restored that function to the new WordPress platform.

All Agonist registered users can now create their own Diary entries. Posts can be on any subject but are subject to [...]

The Beatings Begin Saturday

The beatings will recommence on Saturday when I resume my duties as Editor in Chief here at my first true love: The Agonist.

It’s always good to come home.

Y’all have been missed.

Saturday Jukebox – Just the Right Amount of Wrong.

Thanks to the Cosmopolitan for the idea: Just the Right Amount of Wrong. (Yes, some comped nights would be nice!)

With a nod to Sochi 2014:


It’s been a pleasure – take care

The Money Party

Today will be my last day as editor in chief of the Agonist. I’ve appreciated and enjoyed serving in that role. Personal and professional obligations are pressing and I do not have the time required to continue. The Agonist has the foundation to move forward and a readership that generated close [...]

A Delicate Dance Along The Way To Tikal

Rolling into Flores as late as we did I stressed finding a decent hotel. Not to worry: La Casona de la Isla, a little boutique hotel (a term I use very loosely for Guatemala) came complete with hot showers, an air conditioner, two beds, a pool, wifi (for father’s epic iPhone addiction) and a lovely [...]

Mayan Roads, Mayan Fog, Mayan Whispers

Up at 530. Cold shower. Teeth a-chattering. Clothed. Grab bags. On way to airport. Arrived. Ticketed. Take shoes off. Security. On the jetway.

Then we wait inside the plane—almost a full hour—for clearance to take off from the brand new tarmac of El Salvador’s national airport.

“I’m not impressed with the airline,” said my Dad.


Surfing, Theoretical Mathematics And Jesus

First morning in El Salvador. Got the drop on three waves, didn’t ride them long. Out of shape and out of practice. Surfing is decidedly not like riding a bike. You lose skills when you don’t use them. But it was fun. As a buddy I met at Popoyo in 2009 says, “El Tunco’s a [...]

What to Do When a Blue Jay Isn’t Blue?

Here is a photographic collection, so far, of all the “jays” I’ve seen in the world. Seven of the eight come from the Western Hemisphere, but one is from India and is called the Indian Tree Pie. We’ll start with him:

You can see the rest here.


Agonist Top Posts – All Time

To Stirling Newberry – The Agonist wishes you the very best!

Pay Attention! The EU and IMF confiscate private deposits

Where were you when they told us the world as we know it is over?

Cow Tools

Here is a list of top posts from the Agonist in terms of hits/views. [...]

From 56 to 58: Vaqueros, Volcanoes and the Voice of the Road

December 17, 2013: Pelicans glide inches above the cresting waves. The rising sun glistens pinkish and oblique across the Pacific Ocean and carries me back to yesterday, where we left Granada about 930am—Hernán was with us—and the driver was a big, giant of a man whose hands never left the ten and two o’clock position [...]

Up The Isthmus on a Promise

Woke up yesterday and immediately jumped into an ice cold shower: penance for my lack of vigilance the night before. You see, it’s been, what, four years since I’ve been on the road like this? A long time to lose critical skills like remembering to ask the hotelier (more like a roach motel, but hey) [...]

Central America Photo Dump

So, here’s a photo dump. You remember those, no? The full set can be found here. The most recent photos begin here and move forward. Enjoy!

Saturday Jukebox – All Property is Theft! Musical Economics!

With the economy on parlous ground, and the Pope nearly advocating Socialism, perhaps we should all decry bourgois attachment.

The Beatles could start us out; they learned some things can’t be owned:


The Ford Ranch

I’m heading to the Ford Ranch tomorrow to see Don. Anything in particular y’all want photos of or questions asked? Leave ‘em in the comments if so.

Saturday Night Jukebox – End of the World edition.

Alternatively – all things like or akin to R.E.M.!