Agonist: The Book

   For over a decade of ups and downs, chaos and dedication, arguments and agreements, The Agonist has earned a place in the blogging community. We have had some marvelous writing, outstanding posts and spirited (to say the least) conversations.

   We are contemplating compiling a Best Of Agonist ebook, to be made available free of charge.


Call for Diaries!

(originally published Dec 9, 2013)

Agonist Diaries are back!

One of the best features of the old Agonist was USER DIARIES. After considerable effort, we’ve restored that function to the new WordPress platform.

All Agonist registered users can now create their own Diary entries. Posts can be on any subject but are subject to […]

Dust Has Settled

    The site changes have been in effect for a week, with minor tinkering here and there. If there are questions not addressed in Rules or FAQ, comment here or via Contact or Messages.

    Beyond that, now that we’ve all had a chance to get used to it, please feel free to suggest any additions or […]

Agonist 2014

Regular visitors will have noticed recent changes to this site. Some were aimed at improving performance, some at providing additional functionality. The most recent changes add more functions, provide a consistent method of navigating the site and improve the appearance.

Old habits die hard and we expect the new site will taking some getting […]

Current “Rules of this Site”

One Agonist tradition is that Agonists seldom know where the rules of the site are written, but often refer to them in the heat of battle.

Recently, in our last pre-SP-redux incarnation, Steeleweed published a set of Rules (click “Rules” on the top header row). So you know they exist and where to find them, […]

Return of the Chronicler

It gives me a great deal of pleasure, satisfaction and even excitement to announce that The Agonist will soon have a new Editor-In-Chief:


Going Forward

    This is the second time in about a year I find myself unexpectedly promoted on the departure of the EIC. At least this time around I’m retired and can devote more attention to The Agonist, although, like Michael, I too have personal obligations which take precedence from time to time, as we all do.

    I […]

It’s been a pleasure – take care

The Money Party

Today will be my last day as editor in chief of the Agonist. I’ve appreciated and enjoyed serving in that role. Personal and professional obligations are pressing and I do not have the time required to continue. The Agonist has the foundation to move forward and a readership that generated close […]

Agonist Internal Message System


The Agonist is Global – UK’s NewsNow a top Agonist referral source


From Monday through Thursday of this week, around 20% of Agonist traffic came from the United Kingdom’s news aggregation service, The website is a consistent source of referrals to Agonist, particularly when our articles focus on foreign affairs. The UK news service produces headlines on a wide variety of topics, site […]

steeleweed Alert ! Get the bacon sannies’ remark cost Heywood IT contractor dream job

Unverified image of steeleweed with pet pig.

Our fearless Agonist editor steeleweed deserves kudos for his weekly explorations of bacon – More to Life than Bacon. It carries some significant risks, as indicated below.

Manchester Evening News 15 Jun 2013 11:58

An IT contractor claims an off-the-cuff remark about a bacon butty cost […]

To Stirling Newberry – The Agonist wishes you the very best!


Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m a second generation Chicagoan. Live on the north side and work on the west side. I was around in the 70’s as a hippy. What little of Marx I understood then I liked. So when governments are democratic l tend to prefer them especially, of course, over corporations. My standards for democracy […]

Agonist Site Issues

To: Agonist subscribers, authors, and users:

This is an update on the spambot attack on the Agonist today and the broader issue of site upgrades.

Today, The Agonist was subject to an attack by spammers with thousands of registrations in a short period of time. This is part of a much broader effort by spammers […]

Hello all!

Nothing really to see here. I’m just checking to see if I can post. I understand spam bots are attacking registration.