New Benghazi report says security flaws were known, but not why Stevens was there

McClatchy, By Nancy A. Youssef, November 21

Washington — A House Intelligence Committee investigation of the Sept. 11, 2012, attacks on U.S. outposts in Benghazi concludes that while the Central intelligence Agency had properly secured its compound in the Libyan city, the State Department knew its security precautions were inadequate at the U.S. Special Mission […]

Don’t Look Now But Libya Is Falling Apart

Foreign Policy, By Siddhartha Mahanta, August 21

Amid renewed fighting in Gaza, a militant land grab in Iraq, a pseudo-war between Russia and Ukraine, an Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, Libya is coming apart at the seams too. Not that many seem to notice.

The militias who deposed Muammar al-Qaddafi […]

‘Freewheeling Militia Violence’ Forced US to Evacuate Embassy in Libya, Kerry Says

ABC News, By Ali Weinberg, July 26

The U.S. State Department was forced to suspend operations at its embassy in Libya because of “freewheeling militia violence” there, Secretary of State John Kerry said today.

Kerry, who spoke to reporters before a meeting with the Turkish and Qatari foreign ministers about Gaza, made the comments after […]

It’s Not Benghazi, It’s Everything

(Foreign Policy) – While Republicans played politics, Libya was imploding. Now the Pentagon is readying an embassy evacuation, and the country may be beyond salvation.

NYT Special – Novella like report on Benghazi Murders

U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and other U.S. personnel murdered in Benghazi, Libya

“To this day, some militia leaders offer alibis for Mr. Abu Khattala [the perpetrator of the attacks and deaths of U.S. personnel]. All resist quiet American pressure to turn him over to face prosecution. Last spring, one of Libya’s […]

Assassination pushes Libya towards civil war two years after Gaddafi death

Fighting rages in Benghazi as Tripoli braces for fallout from the kidnapping of prime minister Ali Zaidan.

The Observer, By Chris Stephen , October 19

Tripoli – Libya marks the second anniversary of the death of Muammar Gaddafi with the country on the brink of a new civil war and fighting raging in the eastern […]

U.S. forces carry out raids in Somalia and Libya targeting terror suspects

Los Angeles Times, By David S. Cloud, October 5

Washington – Navy SEALs carried out a predawn raid Saturday against a suspected Shabab leader in Somalia who is believed to have planned the group’s deadly attack last month on a shopping mall in Kenya, two U.S. officials said.

Also Saturday, a Libyan Al Qaeda leader […]

The prospects of far greater violence in post-coup Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood and police, Cairo

Army has ousted two president in two years and done so in a manner that has made it fairly popular, at least for a while. The generals are likely to try to restore the old oligarchy with a populist façade and a lot of Saudi money. This popular base […]

The Soft Bigotry of Short Attention Spans

I realize conservatives have to strike while the iron is hot, but this is pure stupidity:

And they’re off: With no defined field of candidates and the last election just six months in the rearview mirror, American Crossroads on Sunday aired the first attack ad of the 2016 presidential campaign, panning Hillary Clinton for her […]

History Doesn’t Exist

I’m so old I remember when military intervention in Libya helped to destabilize Mali (h/t):

Equipped with heavy weapons from Muammar Gaddafi’s looted arsenals, the Tuareg-led rebels who assaulted the town of Aguelhoc in northern Mali last month overwhelmed the remote garrison.

Fighters hardened by combat in Libya swelled the ranks of the desert […]

Women Embattled

A curious nexus of two stories occured yesterday, each of which reinforces the other. First, it was let slip that today, outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta would authorize women to serve in combat. Hardly earthshattering, I know. Women have served on the front lines for a decade or more in Afghanistan and Iraq…just ask Tammy […]

Right Tries Turning The Benghazi Hearings Into A Single Clinton Phrase

Rightwing bloggers are all twitchy about Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony on the Hill today. The trouble is, there’s no real there there. That some early details were reported incorrectly by the Obama administration, in a fast-moving story, has been blown up into a massive conspiracy theory.

Clinton finally got testy with one moron Republican questioner […]

Mali Factor

Remnants of European imperialism are on display this year in Africa, as France (and eventually NATO) draws itself deeper into the morass of Mali:

SEGOU, Mali — Malian and French forces were reported in control of two important central Malian towns on Tuesday after the French Defense Ministry said they recaptured them on Monday, […]

An Interventionist Model For Disfunction

Just looking at a few days worth of news from Libya shows that the country is a far cry from a peaceful democratic paradise, over a year after Gaddafi’s death.

– Libya’s largest parliamentary coalition is boycotting the national congress, protesting at delays in forming a committee to draft the country’s first constitution.

– Assailants […]

Rice Burners

It strikes me that the Republicans are being a little disingenuous in their efforts to derail the not-even-announced nomination of UN Ambassador Susan Rice to Secretary of State, replacing the resigning Hillary Clinton.

Her CV, for one, suggests an intelligent and gifted person who would be adept at managing foreign affairs for the Obama administration, […]