Exclusive – US Bankrolled anti-Morsi Activities

Thanks to Brian Downing for spotting this. In Brian’s 7/8 article, The Egyptian military and politics – and Saudi ambitions, he outlined the Saudi goal of a sympathetic Egyptian military in charge to stem democracy movements and help protect Saudi interests. This article indicates US involvement in the Saudi plan.

Aljazeera Exclusive: US bankrolled anti-Morsi […]

Monday moments – from the desert

Since 2009 an interesting phenomenon has been happening around the Saharan desert, discarded cellphones have been collected and the music stored on them has been shared via bluetooth and mp3 trades. “Since then, many speculated that internet would wash over the desert rendering the peer to peer transfers of cellphone exchanges inútil. Instead, a more […]

Mali Factor

Remnants of European imperialism are on display this year in Africa, as France (and eventually NATO) draws itself deeper into the morass of Mali:

SEGOU, Mali — Malian and French forces were reported in control of two important central Malian towns on Tuesday after the French Defense Ministry said they recaptured them on Monday, […]