Hillary and Jeb propose Marriage

In their attempt to become the next President of the United States, Hillary and Jeb have proposed to get married. No, they are not divorcing their current spouses, they have decided under the equal protection for all part of the US constitution to enter into lawful bigamy.

Thus they will steal the entire Moron vote […]

Today’ coffee spew moment: Ted Cruz may run for President in 2016

I really hope that you had the good sense to swallow your coffee before reading this…and no, you read it correctly: Ted Cruz really is floating a trial balloon. He’s not denying that he’s considering the possibility of running for President in 2016. The fact that Cruz is the most hated wackjob on Capitol Hill […]

Rick Santorum Has a New Cause

He is actively opposing U.S. Senate ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

The former presidential candidate pronounced his “grave concerns” about the treaty, which forbids discrimination against people with AIDS, who are blind, who use wheelchairs and the like. “This is a direct assault on us,” he declared at […]

What Hurricane Sandy brought to the presidential campaign

was an unscripted dose of reality. As the deadly wind and water flattened homes and flooded the Jersey shore and streets in Queens and lower Manhattan, Americans saw, courtesy of Mother Nature and climate change, precisely the purpose and necessity of a well-funded and capable government.

Every nationally-televised image of hundreds of submerged homes and […]

Candidate Obama: Can He be Trusted Yet?

The massive crowds that followed Barack Obama four years ago in his run for the presidency are nowhere to be seen this time around. Obama’s campaign managers haven’t even bothered to stage such events. Instead, they have Candidate Obama appearing on television – David Letterman, The View, and probably before this is all over, he’ll […]