Canada Decides It Is a Straight-Up Petro-State

Not even pretending anymore.

Canada is formally withdrawing from the Kyoto accord, Environment Minister Peter Kent said Monday.

The decision to do so will save the government an estimated $14 billion in penalties, Kent said. The Conservative government says it has no choice given the economic situation.

Blaming an “incompetent Liberal government” who signed the accord and then took little action to make the necessary greenhouse gas emission cuts, Kent said he was formalizing what the Conservative government has been saying for weeks.

“Kyoto for Canada is in the past. As such, we are invoking our legal right to formally withdraw,” Kent said.

Sadly, I’m sure Canada won’t be the last to take this path. Having realized their denialism and recalcitrance have taken us to the point where it is already too late to stop global warming becoming a serious problem, conservatives and neoliberals everywhere are now beginning to argue that wasting money on the inevitable is not good policy beacuse they still don’t really “get” how much worse it can be – or if they do, they don’t care because they think their wealth will protect them from the worst or they’ll be dead themselves before then.

Update: It turns out this story is from last year even though I picked it up from a news feed today – and I didn’t notice because I’ve been a bit sleep deprived, thanks to my youngest, these last few days. My apologies and thanks Mattt.

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