Bush family e-mail accounts hacked

Washington Post, By David Fahrenthold & Rachel Weiner, February 8

The Secret Service is investigating a hacker’s apparent theft of a trove of personal e-mails and photos belonging to the Bush family after the material was posted late Thursday by the Smoking Gun Web site.

A report by Smoking Gun said the e-mails covered the period from 2009 to 2012, and that a total of six accounts appeared to have been compromised. Among those hacked were Dorothy Bush Koch, daughter of President George H.W. Bush and sister of President George W. Bush; as well as sportscaster Jim Nantz, a Bush family friend.


The Smoking Gun report included several quotes from the stolen e-mails, which showed intimate moments from the lives of two ex-presidents who have guarded their privacy in retirement.

Some of those moments were grim. Last year, while George H.W. Bush was in very poor health, the e-mails showed relatives planning for his funeral.

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