Breaking Through the Bubble

Here’s a good one from Garrett Glass…, aka Numerian.

Breaking Through The Bubble

The “bubble” referred to in the title of this piece is an “epistemic closure” bubble. Meaning that, “… the individual refuses to accept any contradictory information to their right-wing world view” and “…they are impervious to any arguments or facts you may present that contradict their views.”

Garrett concludes that the strategy to defeat Donald Trump has to be an attack on him personally…, because facts will be ignored. “Repeat over and over that he is mentally unstable, not as a mere talking point against him, but because Trump truly is mentally unstable and dangerous.  This is already evidenced by the number of prominent psychologists who have gone public with their concerns with Trump’s narcissistic personality disorder.”

Back in September I commented on another piece that Garrett wrote about Trump:

“Right on partner…, write on.
At the outset I viewed the Trump Run as a joke. It is funny no longer.”

I would amend that statement today…, to read…, “It is down right scary.”

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