Boehner and Teapublicans are yappy chihuahuas, retreat when challenged

Have I mentioned how scary I am?

Have I mentioned how scary I am?

Ever notice how chihuahuas bark and yap at you wanting to show how tough they are then run out of the room if you stomp your foot at them? Boehner and the Teapublicans are the same. They make a great and feisty show of being aggro yet when threatened, fold like girlie men. I mean, they always do it.

Sue works for the government thus we watch budget fights closely. House Republicans start out these fights by being Caucasian Shepherd dogs and end up being compliant, timid poodles. This is about the fourth time this has happened in the past couple of years. They milk the drama for all it’s worth, pretend to put up a fight, then cave in during the final hours.

So, while still licking his wounds from his Fiscal Cliff whupping, Boehner gets all yappy again and tries to salvage what’s left of his influence by denying Superstorm Sandy victims government help then immediately retreats after the ensuing furor. Really, these guys are just pathetic.

Gov Christie: Boehner, House GOP to blame for ‘continued suffering’ after Sandy

“This is not a Republican or Democratic issue,” Christie said during a press conference in Trenton. “National disasters happen in red states and blue states and states with Democratic governors and Republican governors. We respond to innocent victims of natural disasters not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. Or at least we did until last night.”

“This was the Speaker’s decision — his alone,” Christie said.

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  • You’ll have to let me know what the GOP lost here either in the cliff battle or over the Sandy relief. From where I sit they are winning hands down.

    Boehner’s sop to the “furor” over Sandy aid was to hold a vote on $9B out of the requested $60B package. The remaining $51B will be taken up separately, on the house majority’s schedule, giving them ample opportunity to whittle it down. This is exactly what the house majority said it wanted and, hey, they got it. Don’t over-interpret a few intemperate remarks from Christie.

    On the cliff: the bulk of sequestration stands, slightly delayed, as does the the debt ceiling threat. Expiration of payroll tax relief is, de facto, imposition of a regressive tax to “broaden the base”. The GOP has arguably made very minor concessions on high income earners, estate taxes, and unemployment benefits but for that low-low price they got the fabled “more than 80% of what you want” that makes for a legislative victory. They also now have a fine rhetorical argument for agreeing to no further tax increases. They’ve whittled down the Obama administration’s leverage about the sequestration cuts down to his willingness to risk a constitutional crisis by challenging the lawfulness of the debt ceiling.

    In general, I suggest that the GOP has a very technocratic approach to governance that doesn’t care a whit about how the party “looks” in the main stream news. The cliff and the Sandy relief vote are being talked about as if they were huge GOP losses and the opposite is actually the case; the GOP doesn’t care about those appearances.

    Mainly, the GOP and its corporatist backers seem to care about things like locking in enough house seats to hold gov’t hostage in order to dismantle a century’s worth of progressive reforms. They’re winning. They are laughing about the same of their “retreats” all the way to the bank.

  • We need a whole lot more intemperate politicians like Christie. Much of the scathing criticism on Boehner holding up Sandy relief came from his own party, so they’re hardly unified.

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